1953 Corvette Motorama Show Car Video

In this blog, we will look at a 1953 Corvette Motorama Show Car Scenic running footage of the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette unveiled at the 1953 Motorama in New York.  We will also look at a video called “Hall of Wonders” where the 1953 is introduced by Dave Garroway.

1953 Corvette Motorama Show Car 

Scenic running footage of the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette was unveiled at the 1953 Motorama in New York.

This is another interesting video with Dave Garroway for a Chevrolet Corvette Promotional Film.  This is one of a series of films made by the Jam Handy Organization for Chevrolet.   “Hall of Wonders” features “Today Show” host Dave Garroway talking about General Motors as an innovator in the field of automotive design. The film ends with a look at the brand-new Chevy Corvette.

  • David Cunningham “Dave” Garroway was an American television personality. He was the founding host and anchor of NBC’s Today from 1952 to 1961.
  • The Jam Handy Organization was a filmmaking outfit specializing in training and other special-purpose films. The founder, Henry Jamison “Jam” Handy, was a film producer. Jam Handy is particularly famous for the Mystery Science Theater 3000.  The organization produced films and filmstrips for GM’s Chevrolet division.  The automobile industry would become their biggest client, especially Chevrolet.  The Jam Handy Organization produced educational films up until 1968.

If you would like to know more about the history of the C1 Corvette, check out our post on the C1 Corvette Overview.

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