1957 Corvette Specifications: Details you need to know!

A Brief Overview of the 1957 Corvette Options, Production Numbers, Costs, and more. Check out the Specifications below:

1957 C1 Chevrolet Corvette Specifications
1957 C1 Chevrolet Corvette Specifications

A car’s specifications can be a great way to learn about its history as well as its value. The 1957 Chevrolet Corvette is no exception. As we look at the 1957 Corvette Specifications, we learn that this is the year that Fuel injection and 4-speed manual transmission were first introduced to Corvette. This information might not seem important at first glance, but when you know what options were available for this model, you will get a better idea about what made it so special and what they are worth. The production numbers for this model are also important because they tell us how many of these cars have been built over the years.

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The Chevrolet Corvette was released in 1953 and set the tone for an iconic vehicle line. But, when Chevrolet introduced its all-new two-seater Corvette at the Motorama show, the vehicle earned mixed reviews; critics admired its sleek styling, but the lackluster powertrain (Chevrolet 6-cylinder and a 2-speed Powerglide automatic transmission) left something to be desired. Fortunately, Chevrolet heeded their customers’ complaints and saved the Corvette from potential cancelation.

In 1955, the company upgraded the engine to an all-new V-8, and in 1956, styling was further refined. Moreover, engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov was busy refining the Corvette to be competitive on the track.

This work came to fruition in 1957 with an unchanging look and the new V-8, which was complemented by an optional 4-speed manual transmission, transforming the vehicle into a fierce race competitor.

Chevrolet’s advertisement proudly proclaimed the 1957 Corvette “A new American classic,” and it was a claim well-earned.

As we look at the 1957 Corvette specifications, we remember that Corvette was now in its 5th year of first-generation Corvette’s production and has come a long way.

It remains a favorite in almost all classic car circles. There have been several Corvette models released throughout the years, but the vehicle really hit its stride with its 1957 model.

This year is sought-after by collectors and for good reason. But why?

Keep reading for an in-depth look at the 1957 fuel-injected Corvette.

A Look at the Engine

You can’t fully understand a car without knowing the engine. This convertible vehicle features multiple engine options. (All 1957 Corvettes were convertibles.)

There are a variety of other options that you can use for your 1957 Corvette, including 283/245 HP, 283/283 HP, 283/270 HP, and others. It was considered a high-performance engine for its time, and drivers appreciate its longevity and fuel efficiency.

The model’s horsepower gets about 4,600 RPM, making this vehicle a powerhouse in its class and for this year.

It features a cast iron engine block and dual valves.

The Fuel-Injected 1957 Chevrolet

When exploring the fuel-injected 1957 Chevrolet, it’s evident why it’s such a coveted model throughout history. Take the time to do your research so that you can add one of these models to your prized collection.

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Examining the Transmission

It’s also important to explore the transmission of a 1957 Corvette. This vehicle comes with a 3-speed manual transmission which was standard issue for the Corvette with this year’s release. Also available was the 3-speed manual transmission that was close ratio, as well as the Powerglide automatic transmission.

Drivers appreciate the level of control they have to accelerate and decelerate, thanks to the performance of the transmission. Drivers appreciate the raw power that they experience when they get to test out the Corvette’s transmission.

The Charm and History

Iconic would be an understatement when examining the 1957 Corvette. It ranks highly on people’s grail list of classic cars because of its performance as much as anything else.

People who have test-driven restored models in as close to the original condition as possible still remark that the vehicle handles the road and navigates excellently.

The ignition is responsive, and the engine is powerful. The Super Sport model was unveiled at the 1956 New York Auto Show to rave impressions. It features a tough chassis and drivetrain and sets the tone for race cars of all types. (Check out the video at the end of this article.)

Its Rochester constant-flow injection, the 1957 Corvette, also set the tone for engine performance and manufacturing.

Comparison With Other Classic Corvette Models

So, how does the 1957 Corvette compare to other similar vehicles in its class? It was released in the midst of a sports car era that featured several other iconic vehicles.

The Ford Thunderbird was first released in 1955 and features a sleek hood and long build. The following year’s release featured a different space for the spare tire and upgraded engine performance.

When compared to the 1957 Corvette, many classic car lovers give the Corvette the nod due to its chic and elegant body and rounded rear bumper. The Corvette also compares well in terms of performance. This model is rarer than the Thunderbird because Corvette released far fewer models in the 50s.

A Variety of Features

The 1957 Corvette also shines when it comes to features. It has a heater that keeps passengers comfortable no matter the weather conditions outside. The vehicle also features an optional powerful AM/FM radio with classic dials and settings.

The drop top makes it the perfect car to take up the coast or to the beach. Drivers also love the roar of the engine and the satisfying ignition performance which they experience every time they start it up.

Drivers who purchase this classic car could invest in upgraded wheels and white wall tires, which could act as an accent to the vehicle’s colorful body.

Many collectors consider the 1957 Corvette the prized toy in their toy box because of its character, charm, and overall unique appeal.

What did a 1957 Cost New?

The base Corvette sold for $3,176, which was only $56 more than the previous year. But to put this into perspective, the average yearly income was $4,494, and the average car at that time sold for $2,749.

Weight, Length, and Wheel Base of the 57 Vette

  • Curb Weight: 2849 lbs.
  • Vehicle Length: 168 in.
  • Wheel Base: 102 in.

Optional Equipment

  • 4-Speed Manual Transmission (You could get the 4-speed manual transmission option after April 9, 1957)
  • AM
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Auxiliary Hard Top
  • Heater
  • Power Top
  • Power Windows
  • Seat Belts
  • White Sidewall Tires

C1 1957 Corvette Specifications: RPO#, Description, Quantity and Cost

2934Base Corvette Convertible6,3393,176.32
102AM Radio, Signal Seeking3,365199.10
107Parking Brake Alarm1,8735.40
108Courtesy Lights2,4898.65
109Windshield Washers2,55511.85
276Wheels, 15×5.55115.10
2906.70×15 Whitewall Tires5,01931.60
3033-Speed Manual Transmission, Close Ratio2,8860.00
313Powerglide Automatic Transmission1,393188.30
419Auxillary Hardtop4,055215.20
426Power Windows37959.20
440Two-Tone Exterior Paint2,79719.40
469A283ci, 245hp Engine (2×4 carburetor)2,045150.65
469C283ci, 270hp Engine (2×4 carburetor)1,621182.95
473Power Operated Folding Top1,336139.90
579A283ci, 250hp Engine (fuel injection)182484.20
579B283ci, 283hp Engine (fuel injection)713484.20
579C283ci, 250hp Engine (fuel injection)102484.20
579E283ci, 283hp Engine (fuel injection)43726.30
677Positraction Rear Axle, 3.70:132748.45
678Positraction Rear Axle, 4.11:11,77248.45
679Positraction Rear Axle, 4.56:1n/a48.45
684Heavy Duty Racing Suspension51780.10
6854-Speed Manual Transmission664188.30

The Body and Exterior

In studying the 1957 Corvette Specifications, we learn that the interior and exterior colors were not coded to individual cars.

The body and exterior express a lot about the vehicle and the color scheme and design to make the 1957 Corvette a chic option.

It comes out in a variety of colors, including Cascade Green paint. Cascade Green is one of the most sought-after color schemes for the 1957 Corvette, as there were only 550 models released.

The rarity of this color scheme gives this one more value and makes it a collector’s item.

The colors that were offered were Onyx Black (the number one choice), Polo White, Venetian Red, Arctic Blue, Aztec Copper, Cascade Green, and Inca Silver.  There was only one new color for 1957, the Inca Silver.

The colors that were released are:

  • Onyx Black, which released 2,189 models
  • Polo White, which released 1,273 models
  • Venetian Red, which released 1,320 models
  • Arctic Blue, which released 487 models
  • Aztec Copper, which released 452 models
  • Inca Silver, which released just 65 models

The six choices could also be paired with the two-tone paint option (#440 with a cost of $19.40 – 2,794 chose this).

Considering the differences and availability of these different models and color schemes is part of the fun of collecting classic cars. You might have aspirations of collecting more than one or even all of them.

The build is also a draw point for the 1957 Corvette, largely because it set the trend in a style that made the Corvette an iconic vehicle for the next several decades.

1957 Corvette Interior Color Choices

Beige Vinyl (1,315 Built)
Red Vinyl (5,021 Built)

Pricing and Availability

So, how much does it cost to purchase one of these models (in 2023)?

A 1957 Corvette sells at or about $100,000 at car auctions depending on the condition. Expect to pay more or less depending on the trim, features, and options. The vehicle value also depends on the rarity of its color release.

Figure out which one you’re shopping for, consider the condition, and compare its value with other ones on the market.

At the Mecum Indy 2023 auction, a 1957 Chevrolet Corvette convertible with the Dual-Quad 283/270 HP V-8 bid to $100,000 but did not sell.

This Venetian Red 1957 Chevrolet Corvette showcases the gorgeous body lines with contrasting Shoreline Beige coves, a style continued inside with a striking red interior. A powerful, optional 283 CI V-8 dual-quad engine produces 270 HP and is connected to a 3-speed manual transmission. After a frame-off restoration and judging by NCRS, this classic has earned its Top Flight Award and has since been kept in great condition with service receipts as documentation. It also includes a matching hard top, a white soft top, classic spinner hubcaps, wide whitewall tires, the NCRS Top Flight award and judging sheets, an owner’s manual, and restoration paperwork. This meticulously maintained solid-axle Corvette is the perfect car for any collector.

1957 Corvette Convertible Dual quad 283/270 HP V-8 engine
1957 Corvette Convertible Dual quad 283/270 HP V-8 engine
1957 Venetian Red with Red Interior Corvette Convertible - Photo Credit Mecum Auction
1957 Venetian Red with Red Interior Corvette Convertible – Photo Credit Mecum Auction
1957 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible - Photo Credit Mecum Auction
1957 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible – Photo Credit Mecum Auction

Also at the Mecum Indy 2023 auction, an immaculate Onyx Black/Silver coves1957 Corvette Convertible with the 283/283 HP V-8 engine, having just 15 miles on the odometer, bid to $90,000 but did not sell.

One of just 43 built with the RPO 579 283/283 HP Fuelie V-8 and BorgWarner T-10 4-speed manual transmission. This product contains a tubular throttle linkage rod and plate manufactured by the OEM and was only available for a year. It can be identified by its OEM manufacturer’s stamp.

This classic Corvette has had its fuel-injection unit rebuilt, new gas tank and lines, fuel pump, tune-up, brakes, battery, and tires installed at a total cost of $20,000. A unique asset, it comes with an ownership history dating back to 1997, comprehensive documentation in a three-ring binder, and a custom-fitted car cover.

1957 Black Corvette Convertible Fuel-Injected 283-283 HP V-8 - Photo Credit Mecum Auction
1957 Black Corvette Convertible Fuel-Injected 283-283 HP V-8 – Photo Credit Mecum Auction
1957 Corvette Onyx Black paint with a matching auxiliary hard top, silver side coves and a sharp red interior.
1957 Corvette Onyx Black paint with a matching auxiliary hard top, silver side coves, and a sharp red interior. Photo Credit Mecum Auction
1957 Corvette Onyx Black paint with a matching auxiliary hard top, silver side coves and a sharp red interior.
1957 Corvette Onyx Black paint with a matching auxiliary hard top, silver side coves and a sharp red interior. Photo Credit Mecum Auction

This Polo White with Silver coves 1957 Corvette Fuelie Convertible with the 283-283 HP V-8 and 4-Speed sold for $89,100 at the Indy 2023 auction. Those with an interest in classic cars will be pleased to discover that this Corvette contains an engine with the right “EL” imprint on the engine pad. To guarantee its performance, it was restored in 2022 by an experienced fuel-injection specialist, Lyle Davidson.

Polo White with Silver coves 1957 Corvette Fuelie Convertible - Photo Credit Mecum Auction
Polo White with Silver coves 1957 Corvette Fuelie Convertible – Photo Credit Mecum Auction

Another 1957 Dual Quad 283/270 HP V-8, 3-Speed bid to $75,000 and didn’t sell. A Dual Quad 283 V-8 3-Speed sold for $68,200, and another 283/245 HP V-8, Automatic, sold for $62,150.

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Here is a short video of when General Motors unveiled the ’57 Corvette Super Sport at the 72nd New York Auto Show.


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