1968 Corvette Specifications

1968 Chevrolet Corvette (C3) saw a total production of 28,566.  There were 9,936 Coupes and 18,630 Convertibles.  In the post, we will look at the options available as well as the interior and exterior color choices.

1968 Corvette
1968 Corvette

This year (2018) will be the Golden Anniversary of the 1968 Corvette.  There will be special displays at both Bloomington Gold as well as Corvettes at Carlisle.  Check out our CORVETTE EVENT CALENDAR for the dates.

The third-generation Corvette was produced from 1968 through 1982 model years.

The C3 Corvette was produced in St. Louis, Missouri.

1968 Corvette Options & Specifications

19437Base Corvette Sport Coupe9,9364,663.00
19467Base Corvette Convertible18,6304,320.00
n/aGenuine Leather Seats2,42979.00
A01Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all windows17,63515.80
A02Soft Ray Tinted Glass, windshield5,50910.55
A31Power Windows7,06557.95
A85Custom Shoulder Belts (std with Coupe)35026.35
C07Auxillary Hardtop (convertible only)8,735231.75
C08Vinyl Covering (for Auxillary Hardtop)3,05052.70
C50Rear Window Defroster69331.60
C60Air Conditioning5,664412.90
F41Special Front and Rear Suspension1,75836.90
G81Positraction Rear Axle27,00846.35
J50Power Brakes9,55942.15
J56Special Heavy Duty Brakes81384.45
K66Transistor Ignition System5,45773.75
L36427ci, 390hp Engine7,717200.15
L68427ci, 400hp Engine1,932350.50
L71427ci, 435hp Engine2,898437.10
L79327ci, 350hp Engine9,440105.35
L88427ci, 430hp Engine80947.90
L89Aluminum Cylinder Heads with L71 Engine624805.75
M204-Speed Manual Transmission10,760184.35
M214-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio12,337184.35
M224-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio, heavy duty80263.30
M40Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission5,063226.45
N11Off Road Exhaust System4,69536.90
N36Telescopic Steering Column6,47742.15
N40Power Steering12,36494.80
P01Bright Metal Wheel Covers8,97157.95
PT6F70x15 Red Stripe Tires, Nylon11,68631.30
PT7F70x15 White Stripe Tires, Nylon9,69231.30
UA6Alarm System38826.35
U15Speed Warning Indicator3,45310.55
U69AM-FM Radio24,609172.75
U79AM-FM Stereo Radio3,311278.10

1968 Corvette Exterior Colors

900Tuxedo Black708
972Polar White1,868
974Rally Red2,918
976LeMans Blue4,722
978International Blue2,473
983British Green4,779
984Safari Yellow3,133
986Silverstone Silver3,435
988Cordovan Maroon1,155
992Corvette Bronze3,374

1968 Corvette Interior Colors

stdBlack Vinyl
402Black Leather
407Red Vinyl
408Red Leather
411Dark Blue Vinyl
414Medium Blue Vinyl
415Medium Blue Leather
425Dark Orange Vinyl
426Dark Orange Leather
435Tobacco Vinyl
436Tobacco Leather
442Gunmetal Vinyl

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This 1968 Owens Corning Fiberglass Corvette #12 is one of the Winningest Corvettes that ever raced. It is the 2nd of 3 campaigned by the Owens Corning Fiberglass Race Team which was comprised of Tony Delorenzo and Jerry Thompson. The race car is restored to FIA Trim and was restored to original specifications by Kevin Mackay at Corvette Repair, with the assistance of Tony Delorenzo and Jerry Thompson, who were the primary drivers for the Owens/Corning team.

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