1970 Corvettes 50th Anniversary Display at Corvettes at Carlisle 2020

Today on our blog we will share some photos of the 1970 Corvettes 50th Anniversary Display at the 2020 Corvettes at Carlisle event in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Corvettes at Carlisle 2020 will be remembered for a long time for those who attended. It was a very unusual event because of COVID-19. Many regular Corvette enthusiasts chose not to attend this year. But, for those of use who did, there were still plenty of gorgeous Corvette to enjoy.

1970 Corvettes 50th Anniversary Display at Corvettes at Carlisle 2020
<em>1970 Corvettes 50th Anniversary Display at Corvettes at Carlisle 2020<em>

This year the 1970 Corvette was celebrating its 50th anniversary. Bob Cook brings us our photo coverage of this once in a lifetime special display. (You can read about Chip’s Choice Display at the 2020 Corvettes at Carlisle show Here.)

The 1970 Corvette is part of the C3 generation. The C3s ran from 1968-1982 and are often referred to as the Shark models. Due to an extended 1969 production, the 1970 production did not start until January 1970. Because the 1970 Corvette production started late, the 1970 Corvette sales were the lowest since 1962. There were 10,668 coupes and 6,648 convertibles with a total production number of 17,316 for the 1970 Corvettes.

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Our first 1970 Corvette is owned by Larry Barto. It is painted Code #982 Donnybrooke Green and has a custom Saddle interior. Larry has a 350 CI, 300 HP engine with a 400 Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission. The rear end is 3.36 Positraction. Options include Audio Alarm System, Performance Axle Ratio, Tilt-Telescopic Steering Wheel.

The base Corvette Sport Coupe that year was $5,192 and the convertible was $4,849. Larry’s 1970 original price was $5,906.55.

Larry Barto's 1970 Corvette Sport Coupe
<em>Larry Bartos 1970 Corvette Sport Coupe<em>

Henry Weinkel also brought a Donnybrooke Green Corvette, but the convertible. There were 10,668 coupes and 6,648 convertible sold that year.

Henry Weinkel Donnybrooke Green 1970 Corvette Convertible
<em>Henry Weinkel Donnybrooke Green 1970 Corvette Convertible<em>

Our next owner is Michael Davis and he is the sixth ower of this Corvette. This 1970 Stingray has the LT-1 engine and is one of 1287 built. There were 790 coupes built with the highest HP carbureted small-block by GM 370 HP with an 11 to 1 compression ratio.

Code #992 – Laguna Gray is estimated to be about 4% of the production run. It has code #418 Light Saddle interior.

Micahel say’s that the drive train has matching numbers and it has over 100,000 miles on it. It has retained most of its original parts and mostly NOS parts were used for any restoration.

Options include LT-1 370 HP Turbo Fire 350 V8, M21 4-speed close-ratio Muncie Transmission, GS4 Rear axel 370 ratio, GB1 Posi-traction rear end, PU9 F70 X 15 white lettered tires, U69 AM/FM pushbutton radio, UA6 audio alarm system, F62 rear springs, and G32 front springs.

Michael Davis Laguna Gray 1970 Corvette Coupe
<em>Michael Davis Laguna Gray 1970 Corvette Coupe<em>

Another stunning 1970 convertible is owned by Michael Kromer. Painted code # 972 Classic White.

Michael Kromer's Classic White 1970 Corvette Convertible
<em>Michael Kromers Classic White 1970 Corvette Convertible<em>

Scott Cawthern brought his 1970 Corvette. (You can check out his feature in the December 2020 issue of Vette Vues Magazine)

Scott Cawthern 1970 Corvette
<em>Scott Cawthern 1970 Corvette<em>

Next is Calvin Weller’s 1970 Corvette convertible featuring a gold racing stripe.

Calvin Weller's 1970 Corvette Convertible
<em>Calvin Wellers 1970 Corvette Convertible<em>

Sales of the 1970 Corvette were at their lowest since 1962 due to a late start in the production year. The big-block engines increased from 427 to 454 cubic inches and the powerful 370 HP LT1 small block engine made its debut with the 1970 model year.

Michael Biehl's 1970 Corvette
<em>Michael Biehls 1970 Corvette<em>

We don’t have the number of each color chosen that year. There were eleven exterior colors that year available and eight interior colors.

972Classic White
974Monza Red
975Marlboro Maroon
976Mulsanne Blue
979Bridgehampton Blue
982Donnybrooke Green
984Daytona Yellow
986Cortez Silver
991Ontario Orange
992Laguna Gray
993Corvette Bronze
400Black Vinyl
403Black Leather
407Red Vinyl
411Blue Vinyl
414Brown Vinyl
418Saddle Vinyl
422Green Vinyl
424Saddle Leather
Rita Leary Bullard's 1970 Corvette Convertible
<em>Rita Leary Bullards 1970 Corvette Convertible<em>

Stephen Veneziale’s 1970 Corvette only has a little over 2,800 miles since it received a frame-off restoration in 1995. The restoration included the alternator, carburetor, distributor, radiator, wheels tires, water pump, alarm, and belts in 2016 and 17. It has the original tank sticker and purchase order.

Stephen’s Daytona Yellow Corvette has matching numbers and a black vinyl interior. It came with the L46 350 Cu In, 350 HP engine and the posit-traction rear axle with a 3.36:1 ratio, the transmission is the 4-speed manual (RPO M20), 4-barrel Rochester Carburetor 7040207 DA, the alternator is 61 amp 1100884, distributor, intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, master brake cylinder, the rare air conditioning, water pump, power steering, and alarm horn.

Another great example of what the 1970 Corvette.

Stephen Veneziale's 1970 Corvette Convertible
<em>Stephen Veneziales 1970 Corvette Convertible<em>

Custom’s were extremely popular in the 50s and 70s. Harold Atkins is a perfect example of a 1970 custom show Corvette.

Harold Atkins's 1970 Custom Corvette
<em>Harold Atkinss 1970 Custom Corvette<em>
Harold Atkins's 1970 Custom Corvette
<em>Harold Atkinss 1970 Custom Corvette<em>
Harold Atkins's 1970 Custom Corvette
<em>Harold Atkinss 1970 Custom Corvette<em>
Tom Arboneaux's 1970 Corvette
<em>Tom Arboneauxs 1970 Corvette<em>
Martin Specht 1970 Corvette Coupe
<em>Martin Specht 1970 Corvette Coupe<em>

Nicholas Paniccia’s 1970 Big Block Corvette features numbers matching 454 stroked to 496 C.I. 600 HP engine with the 4-speed M22 Rock Crusher Transmission. Nicholas has an upgraded composite suspension, March Serpentine accessory drive system, Vintage Air A/C system, Robbins Custom Cloth convertible top, factory Light Saddle interior with cut-pile carpet, Custom Auto Sound Satellite Radio, upgraded Rockford Fostgate Speakers, and is painted PPG Deltron Jet Black paint. (Black was not a color option on the 1970 Corvette.)

Nicholas Paniccia's 1970 Corvette
<em>Nicholas Paniccias 1970 Corvette<em>
1970 Corvette owned by Jack Silver
<em>1970 Corvette owned by Jack Silver<em>

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