Explore the Iconic 1971 Corvette Specifications in our Overview

Unveiling the 1971 Corvette Stingray: a Look at Its Fascinating History, Specs, and Iconic Design

Get captivated by the timeless charm of the 1971 Corvette with our comprehensive overview. Discover the iconic features of the 1971 Corvette Specifications.

1971 Corvette owned by Mike Canary at the Texas Corvette Chevy Expo
1971 Corvette owned by Mike Canary at the Texas Corvette Chevy Expo

As we look at the 1971 Corvette Stingray, we note that it is one of the most iconic cars of its generation, and today we’ll be taking a look at some of its fascinating specifications, starting with its original list price. The 1971 Corvette was a coupe, and 14,680 were produced that year. When it first came out, the original list price of the 1971 Corvette was an impressive $5,496. Sales rebounded from the previous year’s short production cycle, making the 1971 Corvette a popular choice for car enthusiasts everywhere. Let’s explore some more facts and specifications about the 1971 Corvette!


Introduction to the 1971 Corvette

The 1971 C3 Corvette is a classic car that embodies the history of American sports cars. Its design and features make it stand out even today. The 1971 Corvette history is significant because it came after the previous year’s short production cycle. This led to sales rebounding as the Corvette continued to capture the imagination of car enthusiasts everywhere. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the various 1971 Corvette features, including its engine and performance specifications, transmission options, handling, suspension, safety features, and technology and innovations. Additionally, we will examine the collectibility and value of the 1971 Corvette, a true icon of American car culture.

To ensure the best quality control possible, John DeLorean, General Manager of Chevrolet in 1969, implemented a production system that responded to supply and demand. This strategy was intended to raise the price of Corvettes every year, a likely outcome anyway, given the exorbitant regulations of the time as well as increasing inflation. DeLorean’s primary goal was to increase profits; however, his attention to quality meant production could not keep up with the volume of orders once the delayed 1970 model was finally released.

Why was the 1970 Corvette delayed?

The labor dispute between the United Auto Workers led to a longer production period for the 1969 Corvette and caused a delay in the release of the 1970 model, thus shortening its lifespan and leading to limited production.

To compensate for the disruption, the 1971 Corvette underwent a small transformation involving more than just simple cosmetic and technical changes.

Sales experienced a modest increase, totaling 21,801 units, 14,680 coupes, and 7,212 convertibles. Base prices also saw an uptick; the convertible now exceeded $5,000 at $5,259, and the coupe was priced at $5,496.

Of the convertible buyers, 2,619 opted for the auxiliary hardtops, with 832 of them opting for a vinyl cover.

Five thousand ninety-seven customers chose the LS5, while only 188 purchased the LS6, which carried an additional fee of $1,221. 1,949 buyers upgraded to the small-block LT1.

As we mentioned, very few changes were made to the 1971 C3 Corvette Stingray. The 71 remained visually the same as the previous year, but its engines had undergone significant modifications to meet the requirement of the newly available lower octane unleaded gasoline. For instance, the base 350 cid Chevy V-8 dropped to 270 bhp, down from 300, while the solid lifter LT1 output reduced to 330 bhp, compared to the prior year’s 370 bhp. Of the big blocks, the LS5 454 power decreased to 365 bhp from the prior 390. However, the LS6 454 still featured 425 bhp, despite being a modified version of the discontinued model of 1970, which initially had 460 bhp.

The 1971 C3 Corvette featured a brand new engine addition – the LS6 454 CI big-block V-8. Producing an impressive 425 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque, this engine boasted 9:1 compression, aluminum heads, a high-lift solid-lifter cam, and a single Holley four-barrel carburetor. At a hefty $1,221 price tag, only 188 customers decided to purchase the LS6. A more expensive version was offered as part of the ZR2 Special Purpose (racing) Engine Package, adding an additional $1,747 to the cost and with only 18 units being sold. Alternatively, customers could purchase the LS5 version of the 454 CI big block, offering 365 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque for only $295. This engine was more popular, with 5,097 Corvettes containing the LS5.

1971 Corvette LS6 Convertible No 13128 owned by James J. Wallace, West Bloomfield MI
1971 Corvette LS6 Convertible No 13128 owned by James J. Wallace, West Bloomfield MI

1971 Corvette Specifications

  • 1971 Corvette Length: 182.5 in
  • 1971 Corvette Wheelbase – Inches: 98 in
19437Base Corvette Sport Coupe14,6805,496
19467Base Corvette Convertible7,1215,259
n/aCustom Interior Trim2,602158
A31Power Windows6,19279
A85Custom Shoulder Belts (std with Coupe)67742
C07Auxillary Hardtop (convertible only)2,619274
C08Vinyl Covering (for Auxillary Hardtop)83263
C50Rear Window Defroster1,59842
C60Air Conditioning11,481459
n/aOptional Rear Axle Ratio2,39513
J50Power Brakes13,55847
LS5454ci, 365hp Engine5,097295
LS6454ci, 425hp Engine1881,221
LT1350ci, 330hp Engine1,949483
M214-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio2,3870
M224-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio, hvy dty130100
M40Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission10,0600
N37Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column8,13084
N40Power Steering17,904115
P02Deluxe Wheel Covers3,00763
PT7F70x15 White Stripe Tires, Nylon6,71128
PU9F70x15 White Letter Tires, Nylon12,44942
T60Heavy Duty Battery (std with LS5, LS6 engines)1,45515
UA6Alarm System8,50131
U69AM-FM Radio18,078178
U79AM-FM Stereo Radio3,431283
ZR1Special Purpose LT1 Engine Package81,010
ZR2Special Purpose LS6 Engine Package121,747

1971 Exterior Color Options

A total of 10 colors were available for the 1971 Corvette Stingray. The number of choices for each color is as follows: War Bonnet Yellow (3,706), Brands Hatch Green (3,445), Mulsanne Blue (2,465), Ontario Orange (2,269), Mille Miglia Red (2,180), Classic White (1,875), Steel Cities Gray (1,591), Bridgehampton Blue (1,417), Nevada Silver (1,177), and Sunflower Yellow (1,177).

972Classic White1,875
905Nevada Silver1,177
976Mulsanne Blue2,465
979Bridgehampton Blue1,417
912Sunflower Yellow1,177
973Mille Miglia Red2,180
983Brands Hatch Green3,445
987Ontario Orange2,269
988Steel Cities Gray1,591
989War Bonnet Yellow3,706

Interior Options for the 1971 Corvette Stingray

stdBlack Vinyl
402Black Leather
407Red Vinyl
412Dark Blue Vinyl
417Saddle Vinyl
420Saddle Leather
423Dark Green Vinyl


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