1995 Corvette Magazine Ads

We have four 1995 Corvette magazine advertisements. 1995 is in the C4 Corvette generation group which ran from 1984-1996. It was designed by Dave McLellan and Jerry Palmer.

A few quick facts about the 1995 Corvette

Total Production = 20,742: 15,771 Coupe, 4,971 Convertible

The ZR-1’s larger brakes were made standard for all models.

On January 3 Chevrolet announces that the Corvette has been chosen as the official pace car of the Indianapolis 500 race. Chevrolet announces to its dealers that 522 pace car replicas would be produced, with 415 available for dealer sales.

On April 28, 1995 The last ZR-1 Corvette, painted Torch Red, rolls off the assembly line. During its six-year lifetime, 6939 ZR-1 Corvettes were built. Chevrolet general manager Jim Perkins and former Corvette Chief Engineer Dave McLellan deliver the car to the National Corvette Museum.

On May 28, 1995, in Indianapolis, Indiana, the 79th Indianapolis 500 race is held. A 1995 Corvette performs the role of Official Pace Car, driven by Jim Perkins. A total of 527 Indy Pace Car replicas were built at an additional cost of $2,816; all the Indy Pace Cars were convertibles with dark purple over arctic white paint and special race decals.

On September 1 The Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant and the National Corvette Museum launch the Bowling Green Delivery program. Buyers selecting the free option will be given a tour of the assembly plant, free entry into the museum, and a free tour of their new Corvette by trained workers. At the National Corvette Museum, the Corvette Homecoming event is held, over four days. Attendance is 25,000.

1995 Corvette Advertisments

1995 Corvette Magazine Advertisement

If you had a boat as fast as America, you’d put a Corvette logo on it, too.

Chevrolet is proud to sponsor the first all-women’s team in America’s Cup history.

1995 Corvette Magazine Advertisement: If you had a boat as fast as America; you'd put a Corvette logo on it, too.

The average dream lasts 6.6 minutes.
This isn’t your average deam.

1995 Corvette Magazine AdvertisementL The average dream lasts 6.6 minutes.
This isn't your average deam.

There were not many ads as you can see for 1995. We do have a BFGoodrich ad with a 1995 Callaway Corvette.

We’re pretty sure they’ll work on your car.

1995 Callaway LM Corvette photo for BF Goodrich Tires
1995 Callaway LM Corvette photo for BF Goodrich Tires

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