C6 2007 Model Year Corvette Production

The C6 2007 model year was significant in Corvette’s history, marked by its unique offerings and limited production numbers. In total, 40,561 Corvettes were produced that year, making it a relatively rare find compared to other model years. Of these, 10,918 were Convertibles, while 21,484 were the Coupe models. The Z06 variant, known for its high-performance capabilities, saw 8,159 units manufactured. Additionally, the 2007 Corvette marked the end of the C6 generation, paving the way for future innovations and developments. This limited production year, coupled with special editions like the Atomic Orange Pace Car, adds to the allure of the 2007 Corvette, making it a coveted collector’s item among enthusiasts.

2007 Model Year Corvette Production

2007 Corvette Production Numbers

2007 Corvette
Production Numbers

21,484…Corvette Coupes
10,918…Corvette Convertible
8,159 …ZO6
40,561…Total Made

2007 Corvette Color Options
Code    Color
10        Arctic White
19        LeMans Blue
41        Black
45        Velocity Yellow
67        Machine silver
74        Victory Red
80        Monterey Red
83        Atomic Orange


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