Text and Photos By: Wayne Ellwood

We are looking at some photos Wayne Ellwood took at the SEMA 2016 event of the FORGIATO C7 widebody by TS Designs. The original C7 widebody, designed by TS Designs was first shown at SEMA in 2013. Since then, they built a number of variants, but this one remains pretty much faithful to the original.

So, what is a Corvette widebody?

A widebody can be put on the front and on the rear of the car, or both! This makes the car look much wider than it actually is, giving it a more aggressive look that many people desire. Widebodies also make room to fit larger tires on the vehicle, giving it better handling and grip while driving.

TS Designs Widebody
TS Designs Widebody
TS Designs Widebody
TS Designs Widebody
C7 widebody Corvette designed by TS Designs
C7 widebody Corvette designed by TS Designs

Here are some other widebody Corvettes you might enjoy:

1967 Corvette Custom Widebody from B Rods in Knoxville, Tennessee

Custom XIK Widebody C7 Corvette Stingray by Ivan Tampi Customs at SEMA 2017

Ivan Tampi presented at SEMA the XIK Widebody Corvette

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