Uncover 2019 Corvette Stats Now! 2019 Corvette Final Production Stats, Options, Quantity, and Prices

Unveiling the 2019 Corvette Final Production Stats: Stingrays, Grand Sports, Z06s, and Zr1s Outlined in Stunning Detail

Our 2019 Corvette Final Production Stats, Options, Quantity, and Prices offer Corvette enthusiasts an extensive look at how many of each option were chosen on 2019 Corvettes. Dive deep into the data and learn more today.


Chevrolet has released the 2019 Corvette Final Production Stats. Total production was 34,822 units produced. Of that, 39.3% were Stingrays, 32.3% were Grand Sports, 19.9% were Z06s, and 8.5% were ZR1s. We also have the base retail price of the Stingray Coupe, Coupe w/Z51, Convertible, Convertible w/Z51, Grand Sport Coupe and Convertible, ZO6 Coupe and Convertible, and the ZR1 Coupe and Convertible for the Corvette 2019.

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The 2019 Corvette was produced at the Bowling Green Corvette plant from the end of January 2018 to 20 months later. The 2019 Corvette ZR1 made its debut on November 12th in Dubai.

FIBERGLASS FACT: The big news for the 2019 Corvette was the return of the ZR1!

The fastest, most powerful production Corvette ever – the 755-horsepower 2019 ZR1.
The fastest, most powerful production Corvette ever – the 755-horsepower 2019 ZR1.

Automatic transmissions were once again favored over manuals at 77.6% or 27,017 cars. Coupes outsold convertibles both overall (84.%) and within each model type.

Model Quantity Percentage

  • Stingray Coupe 11,499 33.0%
  • Stingray Convertible 2,192 6.3%
  • Grand Sport Coupe 9,496 27.3%
  • Grand Sport Convertible 1,745 5.0%
  • Z06 Coupe 5,965 17.1%
  • Z06 Convertible 972 2.8%
  • ZR1 Coupe 2,441 7.0%
  • ZR1 Convertible 512 1.5%

Totals: 34,822 100%

The exterior color breakdown is as follows (sorted by volume):

  • Arctic White (6,789)
  • Black (6,164)
  • Torch Red (4,848)
  • Sebring Orange (2,980)
  • Dark Shadow Gray (2,519)
  • Long Beach Red (2,397)
  • Elkhart Lake Blue (2,166)
  • Blade Silver (1,844)
  • Ceramic Matrix Gray (1,581)
  • Watkins Glen Gray (1,415)
  • Corvette Racing Yellow (1,291)
  • Admiral Blue (828)

The Corvette Stingray Coupe is the entry model, and so we always like to look at the trim package penetration to get an idea about the buyer. For the Stingray Coupe, the top trim package is the 1LT, chosen by two-thirds of buyers with 7,740 (67.3%) vs. 2,871 for 2LT (24.9%), and 888 for 3LT (7.7%). The take rate on the base-1LT Stingray is the highest that we’ve seen in the C7 generation.

Grand Sport buyers opted for the 2LT over the 3LT and 1LT packages, while most Z06s were outfitted with 2LZ trim packages, followed closely by 3LZ and then 1LZ.

ZR1 Corvette buyers went big, with 93.4% going with the 3ZR package over the 1ZR.

Only 15% of Stingray Coupe/Convertible buyers opted for the Z51 performance package. For Grand Sport, only 3.2% of Coupe/Convertible buyers opted for the Z07 Performance package, while a very small 1.1% went with the J57 Carbon Ceramic Brakes option.

For Z06 buyers, 14.1% selected the Z07 Performance Package, while another 1.2% selected the J57 carbon-ceramic brakes (without Z07). As far as percentages go, the number of 2019 orders for Z07/J57 orders for Z06 has dropped over the last two years, and it’s probably because of the ZR1. In 2017, 32.5% of Z06 buyers selected the Z07 Performance Package, while another 17.9% selected the J57 ceramic brakes.

ZR1 buyers loved the ZTK Performance package, which had a take rate of 72.5%, and the Sebring Orange Design Package accounted for 25.6% of all ZR1s produced.

Across the board, the penetration of the 8-speed automatic transmission was 77.6%. For Z06, 70.3% of buyers selected the 8-speed automatic, while 70.0% of ZR1 buyers selected the auto transmission

The official “Special Edition” for the 2019 Model Year was the Driver’s Series Grand Sports, which was introduced in January 2019. These four Corvettes were designed in part with input from the four full-time drivers of Corvette Racing and included some of their own personal tastes. Only 95 of the Drivers Series were built, which represents 0.3% of 2019s, and the clear winner was Oliver Gavin with 35, followed by 25 for Jan Magnussen, 21 for Tommy Milner, and 14 for Antonio Garcia.

As for the final breakout of production stats, here are the totals of exports, with Chevrolet sending 4,047 of the 34,822 Corvettes produced to five international markets, That’s 11.6% of 2019 production which was nearly identical to the percentage of 2018 Corvettes that were exported (11.0%).

  • Canada – 2,986
  • Europe – 738
  • Mideast – 130
  • Mexico – 92
  • Japan – 101

2019 Corvette Final Production Stats Charts:

2019 Corvette Production Totals Page 1
2019 Corvette Production Totals Page 1
2019 Corvette Production Totals Page 2
2019 Corvette Production Totals Page 2
2019 Corvette Production Totals Page 3
2019 Corvette Production Totals Page 3
2019 Corvette Production Totals Page 4
2019 Corvette Production Totals Page 4
2019 Corvette Production Totals Page 5
2019 Corvette Production Totals Page 5
2019 Corvette Production Totals Page 6

2019 Corvette Base Prices, Option Code, and Quantity

  • 1YY07 Corvette Stingray coupe 9,771 $56,590.00
  • 1YY-X07 Corvette Stingray Coupe 1,728 w/Z51 61,590.00
  • 1YY67 Corvette Stingray Convertible 1,868 $60,590.00
  • 1YX67 Corvette Stingray Convertible w/Z51 324 $65,590.00
  • 1YW07 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe 9,496 $66,590.00
  • 1YW67 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible 1,745 $70,590.00
  • 1YZ07 Corvette ZO6 Coupe 5,965 $80,590.00
  • 1YZ67 Corvette ZO6 Convertible 972 $84,590.00
  • 1YV07 Corvette ZR1 Coupe 2,441 $119,995.00
  • 0YV67 Covette ZR1 Convertible 512 $123,995.00

Equipment Option Packages

Option Code, Description, MSRP

  • 1LT Base Equipment Group YY/YX/YW 07/67 $0.00
  • 1LZ Z06 Base Equipment Group 1YZ07/1YZ67 $0.00
  • 1ZR ZR1 Base Equipment Group $0.00
  • 2LT Equipment Group YY/YX/YW $4,455.00
  • 2LZ Z06 Equipment Group 1YZ07/1YZ67 $3,565.00
  • 3LT Preferred Equipment Group YY/YX/YW 07/67 $9,745.00
  • 3LZ Z06 Preferred Equipment Group 1YZ07/1YZ67 $8,945.00
  • 3ZR ZR1 Premium Equipment Group $10,000.00


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