2021 Mecum Indy Corvette Auction Results

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We are looking at the recent Mecum Auction results for Corvettes at the Spring 2021 Indy auction. There were a total of 168 Corvettes sold out of 213 offered. That’s a pretty nice selection!

The Mecum auction was held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana, on May 14-22. 213 Corvettes were auctioned, and 168 SOLD. The Corvette generations available broke down as follows: C1 37, C2 70, C3 64, C4 14, C5 12 (although one was a Malibu C4 Corvette Ski Boat sold for $25,300), C6 6, C7 8, C8 2.

1963 ZO6 Corvette 36-gallon Fuel Tank sold at Mecum Auction
1963 ZO6 Corvette 36-gallon Fuel Tank sold at Mecum Auction – Photo Courtesy Mecum Auction

The highest sold Corvette was F189 Corvette Z06 Split Window Coupe sold for $404,000 and is one of just 63 built with the optional N03 36-gallon fuel tank. It has Bloomington Gold Certification and multiple NCRS honors, including Top Flight, Performance Verification, and the highly coveted Duntov Mark of Excellence Award.

1963 Corvette Restomod sold at Mecum Auction
1963 Corvette Restomod sold at Mecum Auction – Photo Courtesy Mecum Auction

The second highest sold Corvette is another 1963 coupe #F190 sold for $308,000. The 1963 Split Window restomod is sitting on a custom frame with a direct-injected 460 HP, 465 lb-ft LT1 V-8 crate engine and has a long list of custom options.

1969 L88 Corvette did not sell at Mecum Auction
1969 L88 Corvette did not sell at Mecum Auction – Photo Courtesy Mecum Auction

The top non-sold Corvette is Lot S202, an L88 Convertible which bid to $275,000. One of only 116 L88s built-in 1969, the car shows just 46,000 miles. It is finished in Can-Am White with a Saddle interior and comes with both a soft top and hardtop. In addition to its matching-numbers 427/430 HP engine and 4-speed, like all other L88 Corvettes, it is also equipped with F41 Special Suspension, J56 Special Heavy Duty Brakes, and Positraction. Documentation includes the original tank sticker, which is still located on top of the fuel tank. It has a Bloomington Gold certification, NCRS Performance Verification, and the highly coveted NCRS Duntov Mark of Excellence.

2013 Corvette Daytona Prototype did not sell at Mecum Auction
2013 Corvette Daytona Prototype did not sell at Mecum Auction – Photo Courtesy Mecum Auction

The second-highest bid that did not sell is Lot F250. A Corvette Daytona Prototype that bid to $200,000. The estimated value is $550,000 – $700,000, so you can see why it didn’t sell! Its credits are multiple race wins in the 2013 Grand-Am Rolex Series, and it was primarily driven by the 2013 season driver’s champions Max Angelelli and Jordan Taylor. It also competed at events such as 24 Hours of Daytona, Circuit of the Americas, Road Atlanta, Road America, and Laguna Seca. The chassis constructors varied amongst Dallara, Coyote, and Reilly with this specific chassis built by Dallara; Engines were 5.5L naturally aspirated V-8s based on the LS9 producing roughly 550-600 horsepower built by RCR Racing; Transmissions were either EMCO or XTrac 5-speed sequential.

One of the special collections offered was the “Select Red/Red Survivor Corvettes from the Dr. Mark Davis Collection. This consisted of six Corvettes, all convertibles. a 1958 Sold for $143,00, a 1964 sold for $122,100, a 1965 Sold for $247,500, a 1966 Sold for $220,000, a 1967 sold for $126,500 and a 1968 Sold for $187,000.

Another collection that had 12 Corvettes in it was the “Premier Corvette Offering.” This collection had two high-bidding cars, one a 1967 unrestored with only 3,757 miles with a Bloomington gold Benchmark.

Corvette Motion Manta Ray sold at Mecum Auction
Corvette Motion Manta Ray sold at Mecum Auction – Photo Courtesy Mecum Auction

Another was a 1963 Coupe that was also unrestored with only 4,553 miles and was Bloomington Gold Certified.
Two other cars I was surprised didn’t go for more were Motion Corvettes. Lot239.1 a 1972 Corvette Motion Moray GT, sold for $70,000 but valued at $95,000 – $115,000. Lot S241, a 1973 Corvette Motion Manta-Ray GT 1 of 3 produced, sold for $85,000, and its estimated value were $100,000 to $125,000. Someone got a good deal!

The two C8s were both 2020 3LTs. One bid to $75,000 and did not sell, and the other sold for $107,250.

We usually also give you the lowest sold Corvettes, just in case you were thinking of doing a “project car.” At 1980 sold for $7,700, a two 1985s sold for $9,900 each. All were coupes.

1985 Corvette Batmobile Replica did not sell sold at Mecum Auction
1985 Corvette Batmobile Replica did not sell at Mecum Auction – Photo Courtesy Mecum Auction

I have one last Corvette to share from the Mecum Indy Auction. This isn’t a Corvette you get to buy every day. It is a 1985 Corvette Batmobile Replica, valued at $125,000 – $140,000. It bid to $60,000 but did not sell. If you would like to own it, “The Bid Goes On.” https://www.mecum.com/

Here is the list of Corvettes that went across the block at the Spring 2021 Mecum Auction in Indy

If you go to the Mecum website you can learn more about each car you might find interesting.

DateLotYearMakeModelHigh bidSold Price
5/20/2021T1391953ChevroletCorvette Roadster$178,750
5/22/2021S2761954ChevroletCorvette Roadster$50,000
5/21/2021F2091954ChevroletCorvette Roadster$49,500
5/19/2021W185.11954ChevroletCorvette Roadster$57,750
5/22/2021S1631954ChevroletCorvette Roadster$88,000
5/22/2021S35.11954ChevroletCorvette Roadster$132,000
5/15/2021K1811955ChevroletCorvette Roadster$85,000
5/22/2021S2491955ChevroletCorvette Roadster$85,000
5/22/2021S581955ChevroletCorvette Roadster$88,000
5/21/2021F2701956ChevroletCorvette Convertible$120,000
5/20/2021T301957ChevroletCorvette Convertible$82,000
5/21/2021F851957ChevroletCorvette Convertible$77,000
5/21/2021F2141957ChevroletCorvette Convertible$93,500
5/20/2021T107.11957ChevroletCorvette Convertible$95,700
5/15/2021K132.11957ChevroletCorvette Convertible$121,000
5/22/2021S138.11957ChevroletCorvette Convertible$121,000
5/21/2021F1561958ChevroletCorvette Convertible$88,000
5/21/2021F1811958ChevroletCorvette Convertible$137,500
5/21/2021F1911958ChevroletCorvette Convertible$143,000
5/20/2021T1571958ChevroletCorvette Convertible$150,700
5/21/2021F2231958ChevroletCorvette Convertible$264,000
5/21/2021F1471959ChevroletCorvette Convertible$120,000
5/21/2021F1821959ChevroletCorvette Convertible$148,500
5/20/2021T1131959ChevroletCorvette Resto Mod$137,500
5/21/2021F2441960ChevroletCorvette Convertible$99,000
5/22/2021S164.11960ChevroletCorvette Convertible$108,900
5/15/2021K911961ChevroletCorvette Convertible$75,000
5/21/2021F34.11961ChevroletCorvette Convertible$90,000
5/22/2021S151961ChevroletCorvette Convertible$200,000
5/18/2021G501961ChevroletCorvette Convertible$46,200
5/16/2021L591961ChevroletCorvette Convertible$49,500
5/22/2021S2521961ChevroletCorvette Resto Mod$160,000
5/15/2021K1541962ChevroletCorvette Convertible$57,200
5/20/2021T2211962ChevroletCorvette Convertible$77,000
5/21/2021F2221962ChevroletCorvette Convertible$95,700
5/22/2021S2111962ChevroletCorvette Convertible$165,000
5/21/2021F1431963ChevroletCorvette Split Window Coupe$145,000
5/21/2021F2581963ChevroletCorvette Split Window Coupe$180,000
5/22/2021S1301963ChevroletCorvette Split Window CoupeNo Info 
5/16/2021L381963ChevroletCorvette Split Window Coupe$82,500
5/20/2021T1891963ChevroletCorvette Split Window Coupe$132,000
5/21/2021F1651963ChevroletCorvette Split Window Coupe$143,000
5/21/2021F2621963ChevroletCorvette Split Window Coupe$154,000
5/22/2021S2341963ChevroletCorvette Split Window Coupe$176,000
5/21/2021F1971963ChevroletCorvette Split Window Coupe$242,000
5/21/2021F2051963ChevroletCorvette Split Window Coupe$242,000
5/21/2021F1901963ChevroletCorvette Split Window Coupe$308,000
5/21/2021F1891963ChevroletCorvette Z06/N03 Split Window Coupe$440,000
5/15/2021K1861964ChevroletCorvette Convertible$50,000
5/21/2021F1461964ChevroletCorvette Convertible$150,000
5/22/2021S301964ChevroletCorvette Convertible$55,000
5/20/2021T1811964ChevroletCorvette Convertible$115,500
5/21/2021F1921964ChevroletCorvette Convertible$122,100
5/16/2021L1831964ChevroletCorvette Coupe$75,900
5/21/2021F1851965ChevroletCorvette Convertible$190,000
5/15/2021K661965ChevroletCorvette ConvertibleNo Info 
5/20/2021T71965ChevroletCorvette Convertible$77,000
5/15/2021K1831965ChevroletCorvette Convertible$89,100
5/15/2021K160.11965ChevroletCorvette Convertible$95,700
5/22/2021S234.11965ChevroletCorvette Convertible$115,500
5/21/2021F2241965ChevroletCorvette Convertible$137,500
5/21/2021F2481965ChevroletCorvette Convertible$140,250
5/21/2021F1931965ChevroletCorvette Convertible$247,500
5/22/2021S2081965ChevroletCorvette Coupe$130,000
5/20/2021T1361965ChevroletCorvette Coupe$140,250
5/21/2021F2021965ChevroletCorvette Resto Mod$170,000
5/16/2021L1821966ChevroletCorvette Convertible$60,000
5/20/2021T291966ChevroletCorvette Convertible$80,000
5/21/2021F1641966ChevroletCorvette Convertible$80,000
5/22/2021S2351966ChevroletCorvette Convertible$87,500
5/20/2021T331966ChevroletCorvette Convertible$92,000
5/15/2021K1511966ChevroletCorvette Convertible$53,900
5/21/2021F461966ChevroletCorvette Convertible$60,500
5/21/2021F571966ChevroletCorvette Convertible$112,750
5/21/2021F501966ChevroletCorvette Convertible$115,500
5/15/2021K1561966ChevroletCorvette Convertible$129,250
5/21/2021F1141966ChevroletCorvette Convertible$130,350
5/21/2021F1941966ChevroletCorvette Convertible$220,000
5/19/2021W1731966ChevroletCorvette Coupe$55,000
5/20/2021T971966ChevroletCorvette Coupe$60,500
5/15/2021K1691966ChevroletCorvette Coupe$88,000
5/21/2021F1581966ChevroletCorvette Coupe$159,500
5/15/2021K1601966ChevroletCorvette Rally Racer$71,500
5/20/2021T2461967ChevroletCorvette Convertible$60,000
5/22/2021S27.11967ChevroletCorvette Convertible$65,000
5/22/2021S2571967ChevroletCorvette Convertible$100,000
5/20/2021T165.11967ChevroletCorvette Convertible$150,000
5/21/2021F2361967ChevroletCorvette Convertible$200,000
5/20/2021T1291967ChevroletCorvette Convertible$62,700
5/15/2021K74.11967ChevroletCorvette Convertible$93,500
5/21/2021F2491967ChevroletCorvette Convertible$93,500
5/22/2021S185.11967ChevroletCorvette Convertible$118,250
5/21/2021F1951967ChevroletCorvette Convertible$126,500
5/15/2021K1931967ChevroletCorvette Convertible$165,000
5/22/2021S43.11967ChevroletCorvette Convertible$170,500
5/22/2021S1651967ChevroletCorvette Convertible$178,200
5/22/2021S2361967ChevroletCorvette Convertible$198,000
5/22/2021S2121967ChevroletCorvette ConvertibleSOLD
5/22/2021S2131967ChevroletCorvette ConvertibleSOLD
5/15/2021K1841967ChevroletCorvette Coupe$140,000
5/15/2021K2451967ChevroletCorvette Coupe$66,000
5/22/2021S1021967ChevroletCorvette Coupe$93,500
5/21/2021F105.11967ChevroletCorvette Coupe$126,500
5/22/2021S601967ChevroletCorvette Coupe$134,750
5/20/2021T1101967ChevroletCorvette Coupe$143,000
5/22/2021S2091967ChevroletCorvette Resto Mod$160,000
5/15/2021K2571968ChevroletCorvette Convertible$28,000
5/16/2021L1651968ChevroletCorvette Convertible$27,500
5/19/2021W991968ChevroletCorvette Convertible$31,900
5/20/2021T1351968ChevroletCorvette Convertible$38,500
5/20/2021T751968ChevroletCorvette Convertible$46,200
5/22/2021S2371968ChevroletCorvette Convertible$104,500
5/21/2021F1961968ChevroletCorvette Convertible$187,000
5/19/2021W771968ChevroletCorvette Coupe$42,900
5/21/2021F831968ChevroletCorvette Coupe$77,000
5/16/2021L1451969ChevroletCorvette Convertible$28,050
5/22/2021S741969ChevroletCorvette Convertible$82,500
5/19/2021W311969ChevroletCorvette Coupe$31,350
5/18/2021G1061969ChevroletCorvette Coupe$35,200
5/19/2021W951969ChevroletCorvette Coupe$36,300
5/16/2021L471969ChevroletCorvette Coupe$37,400
5/22/2021S39.11969ChevroletCorvette Coupe$41,800
5/22/2021S251969ChevroletCorvette Coupe$44,000
5/21/2021F2211969ChevroletCorvette Coupe$101,200
5/22/2021S2021969ChevroletCorvette L88 Convertible$275,000
5/22/2021S2391970ChevroletCorvette Convertible$110,000
5/19/2021W461970ChevroletCorvette Coupe$16,500
5/16/2021L1541970ChevroletCorvette Coupe$26,400
5/19/2021W1491970ChevroletCorvette Coupe$41,800
5/19/2021W116.11970ChevroletCorvette LT1 Convertible$44,000
5/20/2021T1981970ChevroletCorvette LT1 Convertible$96,800
5/20/2021T2001970ChevroletCorvette LT1 Coupe$101,200
5/19/2021W681971ChevroletCorvette Coupe$20,350
5/15/2021K461971ChevroletCorvette Coupe$28,600
5/21/2021F1221971ChevroletCorvette LS6 Coupe$132,000
5/19/2021W1281972ChevroletCorvette Convertible$27,500
5/15/2021K361972ChevroletCorvette Convertible$34,100
5/21/2021F381972ChevroletCorvette Coupe$31,900
5/21/2021F2391972ChevroletCorvette LT1 Coupe$84,700
5/22/2021S239.11972ChevroletCorvette Motion Moray GT$70,000
5/15/2021K61973ChevroletCorvette Convertible$21,450
5/19/2021W48.11973ChevroletCorvette Convertible$27,500
5/16/2021L1321973ChevroletCorvette Convertible$30,250
5/21/2021F58.11973ChevroletCorvette Convertible$30,800
5/19/2021W651973ChevroletCorvette Coupe$19,000
5/15/2021K1971973ChevroletCorvette Coupe$23,000
5/15/2021K10.11973ChevroletCorvette Coupe$23,650
5/22/2021S2401973ChevroletCorvette Coupe$71,500
5/22/2021S2411973ChevroletCorvette Motion Manta Ray GT$85,000
5/18/2021G981974ChevroletCorvette Convertible$22,000
5/18/2021G931974ChevroletCorvette Convertible$27,500
5/20/2021T601974ChevroletCorvette Convertible$31,900
5/16/2021L1421975ChevroletCorvette Coupe$25,850
5/15/2021K71976ChevroletCorvette Coupe$16,500
5/18/2021G1011976ChevroletCorvette Coupe$16,500
5/20/2021T41976ChevroletCorvette Coupe$27,500
5/19/2021W2081977ChevroletCorvette Coupe$17,600
5/19/2021W231978ChevroletCorvette Coupe$13,200
5/20/2021T51978ChevroletCorvette Coupe$53,900
5/15/2021K2111978ChevroletCorvette Pace Car Edition$24,750
5/15/2021K601978ChevroletCorvette Pace Car Edition$29,700
5/22/2021S48.11978ChevroletCorvette Pace Car Edition$38,500
5/22/2021S1661978ChevroletCorvette Pace Car Edition$45,100
5/22/2021S2421978ChevroletCorvette Silver Anniversary$55,000
5/18/2021G1391979ChevroletCorvette Coupe$27,500
5/18/2021G231980ChevroletCorvette Coupe$7,700
5/18/2021G411980ChevroletCorvette Coupe$17,600
5/14/2021J1161981ChevroletCorvette Coupe$11,000
5/14/2021J231981ChevroletCorvette Coupe$18,700
5/22/2021S78.11982ChevroletCorvette Collector Edition$23,100
5/19/2021W2131982ChevroletCorvette Convertible$14,300
5/22/2021S2691985ChevroletCorvette Batmobile Replica$60,000
5/14/2021J921985ChevroletCorvette Coupe$9,900
5/15/2021K471985ChevroletCorvette Coupe$9,900
5/14/2021J471986ChevroletCorvette Pace Car Edition$13,750
5/22/2021S2431990ChevroletCorvette RG9 Race Car$36,300
5/22/2021S891990ChevroletCorvette ZR1$52,800
5/15/2021K1771990ChevroletCorvette ZR1 Coupe$17,600
5/19/2021W1951990ChevroletCorvette ZR1 Coupe$30,800
5/15/2021K1751990ChevroletCorvette ZR1 Coupe$62,700
5/20/2021T59.11992ChevroletCorvette Coupe$14,300
5/16/2021L1471994ChevroletCorvette Convertible$16,500
5/20/2021T591996ChevroletCorvette Grand Sport Convertible$49,500
5/22/2021S681996ChevroletCorvette Grand Sport Convertible$73,700
5/18/2021G521996ChevroletCorvette Greenwood Coupe$17,600
5/22/2021S1481997MalibuC4 Corvette Ski Boat$25,300
5/19/2021W891997ChevroletCorvette Coupe$15,000
5/22/2021S801998ChevroletCorvette Pace Car Edition$36,300
5/16/2021L1922001ChevroletCorvette Convertible$23,000
5/20/2021T382002ChevroletCorvette Convertible$25,000
5/18/2021G472002ChevroletCorvette Convertible$18,700
5/15/2021K1452003ChevroletCorvette 50th Anniversary AAT Conversion$62,700
5/22/2021S922003ChevroletCorvette 50th Anniversary Convertible$58,300
5/20/2021T762003ChevroletCorvette Coupe$33,000
5/19/2021W282003ChevroletCorvette Pace Car Edition$20,350
5/19/2021W200.12004ChevroletCorvette Coupe$12,650
5/19/2021W452004ChevroletCorvette Z06$32,450
5/15/2021K1042005ChevroletCorvette Convertible$37,950
5/19/2021W175.12005ChevroletCorvette Coupe$26,400
5/19/2021W752007ChevroletCorvette Z06$44,000
5/22/2021S2442011ChevroletCorvette Z06$55,000
5/21/2021F2502013ChevroletCorvette Daytona Prototype$200,000
5/18/2021G1712014ChevroletCorvette Convertible$50,000
5/15/2021K1942015ChevroletCorvette Z06 Coupe$76,450
5/20/2021T392017ChevroletCorvette Grand Sport Collector Edition$60,000
5/22/2021S472017ChevroletCorvette Grand Sport Collector Edition$71,500
5/19/2021W142018ChevroletCorvette Z06 Convertible$77,000
5/21/2021F2332019ChevroletCorvette ZR1$178,750
5/22/2021S2282019ChevroletCorvette ZR1 Coupe$170,500
5/20/2021T372020ChevroletCorvette 3LT$75,000
5/20/2021T1742020ChevroletCorvette 3LT$107,250

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