Chevy Struggles to Keep Up With Demand: 2023 Corvette Production Date is Pushed Back

GM 2023 ZO6 Corvette at SEMA 2021. Photo Credit Wayne Ellwood for Vette Vues Magazine.
GM 2023 ZO6 Corvette at SEMA 2021. Photo Credit Wayne Ellwood for Vette Vues Magazine.

2023 Corvette Production Date Update: This Monday, 5/23/2022, production is finally beginning at the C8’s long-awaited production line! Originally the date to start building the 2023 C8 Corvette was May 9th, but because of a work stoppage in March, it was pushed to May 16th. There was then another shutdown in April which pushed the date again.

With the Bowling Green Corvette plant shut down last month, it looks like Chevy is going to have to keep making the 2022 C8s for a week longer than previously planned. This comes as bad news to drivers who were scheduled to receive their cars and will now have to wait a little longer…again. For those waiting for their next model, the 2023 Corvette Production Date was moved back again.

Chevy has had to pause the production several times on the 2022 Corvette due to parts shortages. It just so happens, that during the week of March 21, they weren’t able to complete the model because of missing parts.

We showed you photos of the tornado that damaged the Bowling Green factory, which caused a fire and broke down an employee entrance.

And yes, yet another delay! And with each delay, the 2023 Corvette Production Date is moved.

But while we wait for more news on the ’23, Chevrolet has released a 3 part video series, the Corvette ZO6 Video Academy.

Latest Production Schedule Update

The 2023 C8 starts production on Monday, May 16th. There isn’t any date release yet on the production of the Z06. The date when the dealers can even place an order is not yet scheduled. It is unknown exactly when the Z06 will go into production but it is still slated for this summer.

Constraints on Options on the 2023 Sport Car

From what we have read, constraints will exist for some of the options for production in the 2023 model. There are limitations with the manual limited-slip differential however the electronic limited-slip differential is available. Resulting in those wanting Z51s with Mag-Ride suspension to get their cars faster.

As a result of the microchip shortage, FE2 and FE4 suspension systems are more difficult to get.

When looking for the ZZ3 Engine Appearance and Lighting Package, these have been on the list of constraints since January after the original vendor closed its carbon fiber operation.

Good News!

According to reports, Chevy began taking orders for the 2023 model year on April 7 including for the 70th Anniversary Edition model.

Also becoming available is the dealer-installed LPO 5ZZ High Wing Spoiler.

The Rear Park Assist hasn’t been available since January 24 but began appearing on the 2022 Stingrays being built starting April 11th. If your car was built without the rear park assist, you will probably hear from Chevrolet sometime in the 4th quarter to get it installed.

Chevy had to move the 2023 Corvette Production Date back, but we are all still anxiously waiting to get the new Vette. The 2023 Corvette Stingray Coupe 1 LT bast price is $61,900.00. That is a lot of sports car for a great price!

2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Interior
2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Interior

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