#544 Vette Vues Magazine, December 2016 Volume 45, Issue #5 is Out!

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Corvette Magazine’s Issue Preview:

544 Vette Vues Magazine, December 2016 Volume 45, Issue #5

4…35th Annual Corvettes at Carlisle
24…On the Road Again
30…The Story of the ZR-1 Corvette – C6 2009-2013 ZR-1 Corvette: Part 3 of 4
38…Doing the Dream Cruise in 2016
46…The History of Mid-Engine Corvettes, 1960 to C8: Part 5
54…Corvettes on Woodward Moved to M1 Concourse
62…The History of GM Dream Cars and the “Fabulous” Cut-Away Displays – Part XI
72…Corvette Milestones: December
90…Corvettes in the Texas Hill Country
94…Corvette Homecoming 2016
80…Model Scene
86…Toy Vues
98…Factory Facts
114…Business Card File
118…Literature, Models, & Miscellaneous
120…Corvette Parts
125…Corvettes for Sale
128…Advertisers Index
On the Cover: Our cover photo is from the 2016 Corvettes at Carlisle. Saturday evening hundreds of Corvettes took part in the Chip Miller Memorial Corvette Parade and Downtown Street Party. Hundreds of spectators lined Hanover Street as the parade started from the fairground’s gates and made its way through downtown Carlisle. The 35th annual Corvettes at Carlisle, a four-day event presented by Corvette America, had more than 5,000 Corvettes on display at the Carlisle Fairgrounds. Photo courtesy Carlisle Events, Photographer: Andrew Welsh.

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