6 Ways You Can Get Ripped Off Buying A Collector Car! (Video)

Wayne Scraba on his Lone Wolf Hot Rods YouTube channel share 6 Ways You Can Get Ripped Off Buying A Classic Collector Car.

You can read Wayne’s column every month in Vette Vues Magazine.

“Collector cars are hot news today. Prices are spiraling upward. That means the chances to get ripped off by unscrupulous sellers also increases. This video shows you 6 of the Most Common ways someone can get into your wallet.”

  • 1. VIN Switch and Bogus Trim Tags
  • 2. Shoddy Workmanship
  • 3. Rolled Odometer
  • 4. Hidden Damage and Rust
  • 5. Junk Parts
  • 6. Rip Off Transport Costs

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