A Banner Year for Corvette Pals

By: Christine Harrigan- McIlhenny

There’s nothing more that Corvette lovers enjoy than their highly polished “Great American Sports Car”, ready to display in all its glory on show day, except perhaps scoring some unique, Corvette swag from a great event, to adorn their garage or man cave! This year on Facebook, Corvette enthusiasts have the chance to score a special, first of its kind banner.  The administrators at the “Corvettes Pals” page are offering up this one of a kind banner that measures 2’x 10’, designed by award winning graphic artist Ron Palfrey, to be auctioned off on Labor Day weekend. All of the proceeds will benefit the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation!

The Banner can currently be seen on the Corvette Pals FB page. Administrator Roy Oberg is pleased to say that their page has over 1600 “of the kindest and most passionate Corvette lovers and friends you could ever meet!”  Members/friends of the page represent a worldwide interest in the Chevrolet Corvette, Miller’s favorite of all cars.

Oberg and Palfrey decided to try an online auction of a banner, so that all members could have the chance to bid. Oberg says, “We chose the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation, so we could give something back to the man who created the monster that is known as Corvettes at Carlisle!”  It is the group’s first attempt at a project like this, and they are hopeful that all will join in the spirit of what could be an annual event designed to benefit CMCF.

The banner itself will be present at Corvettes at Carlisle 2013, along with approx. 50 members of the Corvettes pals FB page. Oberg also says they are working toward doubling that number for 2014. The banner will be signed by all members in attendance, and will also be presented to the panel of guest celebrities signing at the CMCF tent. Some of those names will include Lance and Judy Miller, Kevin Mackay, Harlan Charles and to name a few!  Club members Peter Asacker, Richard Hackman, and club Ambassador Diane Di Mora Bushey will do the honors presenting the banner.

Bidding will be open to members of Corvette Pals only, beginning at midnight, August 27th, and will end on Monday at midnight, Labor Day. The winner will be announced, on the Corvette Pals page, the following day, after confirmation of winning bid and payment has cleared. If you have not yet joined the Corvette Pals, please do, so you may also bid. The winning bidder will pay for the banner via PayPal.

About the artist: Ron Palfrey has spent much of his life, over 30 years, in the graphic arts, advertising and motion picture world. His resume includes DreamWorks SKG, Disney Entertainment, Disney Education, The Smithsonian Institute of Natural History. His efforts have earned him over 250 awards, and an Academy of Motion Pictures Nomination as well. See my follow up about Ron Palfrey next week, but don’t miss the opportunity to bid on this piece created specially by Ron for Corvette Pals and The Chip Miller Charitable Foundation.

As someone who regularly covers events at Carlisle, I have often heard Chip’s long time partner and Co-founder, Bill Miller Jr., ask all in attendance to “please bids with their hearts” when an item designated for the CMCF or Salvation Army comes up for bidding! I’ve seen the list of charities that Carlisle Events regularly contributes generously to! That list is as long as Bill Miller Jr. is tall! So, to quote Bill and Lance as well, “Please bid with your hearts on this beautiful banner, for this worthy cause. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!”

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