August 2016, Vette Vues Magazine- Volume Forty Five, Number 1

#540 Vette Vues Magazine, August 2016 Issue, Volume 45, Issue 1

4…1957 Corvette SS -Duntov’s Le Mans Racer Corvette
12…The History of Mid Engine Corvettes, 1960 to C8: Part I
22…The C4 G-Series Cars from Greenwood 46…2017 Corvette Grand Sport Priced at $66,445
66…2016 Michelin NCM Bash
70…The History of GM Dream Cars and the “Fabulous” Cut-Away Displays – Part VII
78…Corvette Grand Sport’s Racing Legacy On and Off the Track
85…A Visit by Mike Yager
89…1961 Corvette Basket Case to Show Car: Restoration Project-Part 2
104..Lingenfelter Performance Engineering & Continental Debut Sizzling Hot Extreme Yellow C7 Corvette at Hot Rod Power Tour
110..Indy Opening Act
94…Model Scene
99…Toy Vues
106…Rear Vues: 1958 – Part VII
IBC..Racy Vues
116…Business Card File
120…Literature, Models, Misc.
121…Corvette Parts
126…Corvettes for Sale
128…Advertisers Index
On the Cover: To read The History of Mid Engine Corvettes, 1960 to C8: Part I see story starting on page12.

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