Bloomington Gold Charlotte 2019 Overview

Due to COVID-19 and so many people being home looking for something to do, we decided to share the Bloomington Gold Charlotte 2019 coverage from the April issue of Vette Vues Magazine. We hope you enjoy it and that everyone stays safe and healthy!

It was finally October, which meant that it was time for another Bloomington Gold Show in Charlotte, NC. This was the fourth year that the Bloomington Gold organization had held Bloomington Gold judging along with a “Gold Collection” of Corvettes and other activities at the Rick Hendrick Complex. The Bloomington event was held in conjunction with Queen City’s 8th Annual Car Show sponsored by Hendrick City Chevrolet and also held at the Rick Hendrick Complex.
In front of the Hendrick Motorsport Museum were a number of vendors and food trucks. The Carolinas Chapter of the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) had a display of cars judged using NCRS judging standards. There was definitely a lot to do and see on the grounds.
The Show paid tribute to Jim Perkins, General Manager of Chevrolet – here Bill Locke is in one of several seminars presenting Jim’s accomplishments. Right: Jim Perkins’ son, Steve Perkins, gave us insight into his father with some great stories.
The Motorsport Museum houses a lot of winning race cars as well as collectibles and clothing for sale. Tours of the Race Shops and the Engine Shop were available, but photos were only allowed in the lobby.
A C8 2020 Mid-Engine Corvette was on-hand for attendees to check-out. Tours of the Heritage Center housing Rick Hendrick’s car collection – here, a group waits for the doors to open.
Included in the Gold Collection was a 1988 CorvetteChallenge Series Racer, a 1989 Corvette Callaway, a 1990 ZR1, a 1993 40th Anniversary, a 1995 Indy 500 Pace Car, two 1996 Grand Sports (coupe and convertible), a 1996 Collector’s Edition, a 1993 CERV 4b Pre-production Design Study, a Camaro Z28 Indy 500 Pace Car, a 1997 Camaro 30th Anniversary SS LT4, a 2010 Callaway Camaro SS/RS, a 1994 Chevrolet Lumina NASCAR Competition Car, and a 1996 Grand Sport Pedal Car. (Next year’s theme will be “A Tribute to Zora Arkus-Duntov, The Father of the Corvette.”) The cars in the Gold Collection will be covered in more detail in a separate Vette Vues magazine article.
The Queen City show on Saturday and attracted hundreds of beautiful Corvettes of all ages. The cars were parked in front of the race shops, the engine shop, and in front of various other buildings – a lot of parking areas all filled with Corvettes. (I heard estimates of around 500 Corvettes, but I never saw an official number.) Queen City started judging the cars attending at 9:00 am and gave awards in the early afternoon. All of those hundreds of beautiful Corvettes was an inspiring sight. If you didn’t have a Corvette when you arrived at the show, you most likely wanted one when you left – and had even picked out exactly what you wanted from all that were there!

You can enjoy a video of the Queen City Corvette Club’s show:

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