2014 Callaway AeroWagon Press Release

The Corvette Callaway AeroWagon’s introductory pricing is $15,000 with natural carbon finish AeroWagon Package availability is scheduled to begin around January 1, 2014.

September 23rd, 2013

– AeroWagon Production Now Approved
– Place Your Order Now!

Callaway AeroWagon
Callaway AeroWagon
Callaway AeroWagon
Callaway AeroWagon
Callaway AeroWagon
Callaway AeroWagon

We are pleased to announce that AeroWagon component production has been given the “green light” and is scheduled to begin shortly. Consequently, AeroWagon Package availability is scheduled to begin around January 1.

Callaway AeroWagon Package Details

The AeroWagon Package may be installed on either stock 2014 Corvettes or supercharged Callaway Corvettes. You don’t have to order a Callaway Corvette to take advantage of this unique styling. However, if you want a new, 610 bhp* Callaway Corvette, with or without the AeroWagon option, we’ll guide you through the ordering process and put you in contact with your local Authorized Callaway Dealer. If you already have a new Corvette on order, call us and we can work with your dealer to have GM ship your car directly to our California factory for package installation.

AeroWagon components are manufactured and installed at the Callaway Carbon factory in Santa Ana, California. One of the Callaway Companies’ core business units, Callaway Carbon designs, tools and produces structural and non-structural composite products for aerospace, military, medical and automotive clients. Callaway’s proprietary KRTM manufacturing process (Kraemer Resin Transfer Method) is utilized in AeroWagon production, molding the entire body structure in one step with superb Class A surface finish, fully-integrated hardpoints, and precise dimensional control.

Callaway AeroWagon Pricing

AeroWagon’s introductory pricing is $15,000 with natural carbon finish, installed. A body-color option is available at $1,500, matching your original Corvette color. A deposit of only $1,000 is required with your order to reserve your AeroWagon Package. Here’s how to proceed:

Order Form (no longer available)

– Complete the form and email it to Joanne Mercer jmercer@callawaycars.com or fax it to (860) 434-1704. We will contact you for the deposit procedure.

– If you prefer to speak with us to place your order or if you have any further questions, please call us at (860) 434-9002, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM EDT. You may also email your questions to info@callawaycars.com and we will send you a response promptly.

PLEASE NOTE: AeroWagon images shown in this message are designer’s renderings; production parts and appearance may differ.

*Pre-production 2014 Callaway Corvette power rating is estimated at 610 bhp (SAE).

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