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In each issue of Vette Vues Magazine, we feature Corvette Enthusiast’s Vettes.  Some are stock, modifieds, customs, and racing cars, you name it.  We love them all!  Your Corvette…Your Way!

Here are some Corvettes that have been featured in past issues of Vette Vues Magazine as well as others you might enjoy on our blog posts.

Are you going to customize or restore your Corvette? We have created a Directory of Corvette Custom and Restoration Shops by State. We hope this will help you in your search for a company to work with you and your Vette as you achieve your goals.  When you are done…send us some photos!  DIRECTORY

Discover the Heartwarming Story of Kristi’s 1961 Jewel Blue Corvette

In the intimate world of classic Corvettes, Kristi Clayson’s 1961 Jewel Blue beauty stands as a symbol of enduring family ties and shared memories. With a heartwarming legacy spanning over half a century, this Corvette embodies the essence of passion, nostalgia, and the unwavering bond between generations of enthusiasts.

Unveiling Excellence: Lynne Doucette’s Remarkable #9 Ron Fellows Z06 Corvette

Meet Lynne Doucette and her extraordinary #9 Ron Fellows Z06 Corvette, a limited-edition masterpiece that embodies the spirit of Corvette excellence. In this exclusive article, we explore the unique features and the personal journey that brought this remarkable car into Lynne’s life. Join us in the world of Corvette enthusiasts, where passion meets innovation.

Harley Earl Cars and Designs Featured at the Detroit Concours 2022

Discover the legacy of Harley Earl, the father of Corvette & pioneering designer. Explore his iconic designs captured by Wayne Ellwood at the 2022 Concours of Detroit in the Jan 2023 edition of Vette Vues Magazine. Read more about his contribution to the industry and check out the cars that paid tribute to his legacy at the GM Heritage Center. Read on to learn about the Harley Earl Cars.

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