C1 Corvette Information

The first-generation Corvette was introduced with the 1953 model year. The C1 Corvette years were 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, and 1962 and it had many upgrades along the way.

The C1 Corvette is often referred to as the solid-axle Corvette due to the independent rear suspension that didn’t appear until the 1963 Stingray model.

Although it had many changes throughout its production life, one of the most important was in 1955, when it went from having a straight-6 to the new fuel-injected V8 engine. The C1 Corvette eventually became an icon of American culture, and its popularity has continued to grow in recent years with a dedicated following and several collectible models still available today.

The 1953 Corvettes all had a Polo White paint job, a red interior, and a black soft top, with only 300 being made. More color choices were added in the second year.

The last year of the C1 production, the 1962 Corvette, ended in August 1962, but it now comes in seven different colors.

A lot of changes were made to the C1 Corvette throughout the years, including the engine, transmission, etc.

A total of 69,015 C1 Corvettes were made.
1953 – 300 Units
1954 – 3,640 Roadster
1955 – 700 Roadsters
1956 – 3,467 Convertibles
1957 -6,339 Convertibles
1958 – 9,168 Convertibles
1959 – 9,670 Convertibles
1960 – 10,261 Convertibles
1961 – 10,939 Convertibles
1962 – 14,531 Convertibles

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