1963 Corvette Information

Vette Vues Magazines’ 1963 Corvette Category has an extensive lineup of specifications, photos, brochures, auction results, and more. Explore articles that detail its many features here.

What’s in the name of a Corvette’s paint color?

Unveiling the Fascinating Stories Behind Corvette Paint Colors: From Daytona Blue to Riverside Red and Sebring SilverDiscover the intriguing origins of Corvette paint colors and their connection to iconic speedways and races. Take a journey through time and explore the vibrant hues that reflect the spirit of America’s premier sports car. Join us as we delve into the rich history and fascinating stories behind these iconic paint names.

10 of the Most Desirable Performance Corvettes Ever Made

We are looking at Vette Vues’ Top 10 Most Desirable Performance Corvettes Chevy produced for the street from C1 – C7 generations. See what’s our top pick…

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