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An archive of the 1970 Chevrolet Corvette C3 Specs, History and Facts.

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What’s in the name of a Corvette’s paint color?

Unveiling the Fascinating Stories Behind Corvette Paint Colors: From Daytona Blue to Riverside Red and Sebring SilverDiscover the intriguing origins of Corvette paint colors and their connection to iconic speedways and races. Take a journey through time and explore the vibrant hues that reflect the spirit of America’s premier sports car. Join us as we delve into the rich history and fascinating stories behind these iconic paint names.

C3 Vette Registry – 21 years at Corvettes at Carlisle

The best of all worlds. Join the C3 Vette Registry at the world’s largest Corvette car show. Our topic today is C3 Vette Registry at Corvettes at Carlisle. Corvettes at Carlisle is held every August in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and has been running since 1982. It has evolved into the largest All Corvette show in the …

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This is the third re-post of the original series in Vette Vues Magazine. We are looking back at the various custom modifications that could be installed by an owner, contracted to a shop, or purchased as turn-key vehicles. This re-post presents additional photos to those who were selected for print in the original article in VETTE VUES MAGAZINE. The C3 Body Kit article ran in the June 2018 issue.

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