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In our C4 Corvette Information Category for the 1990 Corvette, we learn that there was a total of 23,646 produced that model year sports car.
  • Total 1990 Coupes – 16,663
  • Total 1990 Convertibles – 9,749
  • Total 1990 ZR-1s – 3,049
Although not all 1990 Corvette Stingrays were ZR1s, but they certainly were the most covered mode in the news. But no worries, we’ll cover them all in this category.
After much anticipation, the 1990Chevrolet added the coveted high-performance ZR-1 option package ($27,016) to the Corvette. This package included special rear body panels and an all-aluminum block, designated the LT5, producing 375 hp. Drivers received an airbag and all engines received an oil change monitoring system. “King of the Hill” Corvette ZR-1 made its debut in 1990 and was GM’s highest-cost production car.
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Below are the articles in our C4 Corvette Category. We continually are adding so check back again and see what’s new.

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