1994 Corvette Information

The 1994 Corvette was the eleventh year that Chevrolet released the sports car, and improvements had been made over the first few models from 1984.

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The two-door coupe/hatchback had the front-engine, rear-wheel drive and was manufactured in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Total Production = 23,330
(17,984 Coupe, 5,346 Convertible)

VEHICLE NUMBERS (VIN): 1G1YY22P9R5100001 – 1G1YY22P9R5122882 (Corvette Coupe & Convertible)
VEHICLE NUMBERS ZR-1: 1G1YZ22J9R5800001 – 1G1YZ22J9R5800448

1994 Vette Fun Facts:

  • Passengers got their own airbags
  • Leather seats were standard equipment
  • Run-flat tires were made an option
  • Convertible tops got a real glass window

Options, Cost, and Quantity of the ’94 Vette

1YY07Base Corvette Sport Coupe17,98436,185
1YY67Base Corvette Convertible5,34642,960
AQ9Sport Seats9,023625
AC3Power Driver Seat21,592305
AC1Power Passenger Seat17,863305
CC2Auxiliary Hardtop (convertible)6821,995
C2LDual Removable Roof Panels (coupe)3,875950
24SRemovable Roof Panel, blue tint (coupe)7,064650
64SRemovable Roof Panel, bronze tint (coupe)3,979650
FX3Selective Ride and Handling, Electronic4,5701,695
G92Performance Axle Ratio9,01950
MN66-Speed Manual Transmission6,0120
NG1New York Emission Requirements1,363100
UJ6Low Tire Pressure Warning Indicator5,097325
U1FStereo with Compact Disc, Delco-Bose17,579396
WY5Tires, Extended Mobility2,78170
YF5California Emission Requirements2,373100
Z07Adjustable Suspension Package (coupe)8872,045
ZR1Special Performance Package44831,258

Exterior Colors on the C4 ’94 Corvette

10Arctic White4,066
28Admiral Blue1,584
43Bright Aqua Metallic1,209
45Polo Green Metallic3,534
53Competition Yellow834
66Copper Metallic116
70Torch Red5,073
73Black Rose Metallic1,267
75Dark Red Metallic1,511

Interior Color Choices

143Light Gray Leather
193Black Leather
643Light Beige Leather
703Red Leather

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