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The Chevrolet Corvette C5 was the fifth generation of the popular sports car from General Motors. This production range, released from 1997 to 2004, included the powerful Z06 and the competitive C5-R – the latter being a winner of the 24 Hours of Daytona and 24 Hours of Le Mans GTS/GT1. GM made a big leap forward with the inclusion of the third-generation “LS” engines for this Corvette, it also marked the end of the pop-up headlights, making the C5 the final generation to include them.

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1997 Corvette Information
1998 Corvette Information
1999 Corvette Information
2000 Corvette Information
2001 Corvette Information
2002 Corvette Information
2003 Corvette Information
2004 Corvette Information

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Below are articles about the C5 Corvette:

A Complete List of C5 Corvette Factory Paint Colors and their Codes

Looking for C5 Corvette factory paint colors and their codes? Look no further! Our comprehensive list includes all colors and OEM codes, plus tips for repairing paint chips and scratches. Keep your Corvette looking its best – read on now!

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Wayne Ellwood from Vette Vues takes a look at the C5 Corvette body kits from 1996-2004. See how designers have been customizing cars as long as there have been cars to customize. This will give you a better understanding of what went into designing these body kits as well as how they changed from one year to the next.

C5 Corvette Tiger Shark Body Kit

In the December 2017 issue of Vette Vues Magazine Scott Teeters looks at the history of the “2001 Tiger Shark Concept Corvette”.  In his article, he mentions that there are aftermarket full-body kits for C5 Corvettes available.   I happened to run across a press release for one of these kits dated June 24, 2015 and thought you …

C5 Corvette Tiger Shark Body Kit Read More »

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