2007 Corvette Information

An archive of the 2007 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Specs, History and Facts.

Unveiling Excellence: Lynne Doucette’s Remarkable #9 Ron Fellows Z06 Corvette

Meet Lynne Doucette and her extraordinary #9 Ron Fellows Z06 Corvette, a limited-edition masterpiece that embodies the spirit of Corvette excellence. In this exclusive article, we explore the unique features and the personal journey that brought this remarkable car into Lynne’s life. Join us in the world of Corvette enthusiasts, where passion meets innovation.

C6 Corvette History: What you want to know!

Unleashing the Power of the C6 Corvette: a Look Back at the Sleek Sixth-generation Model from 2005-2013 The C6 Corvette History. Read about the car’s history and features in this detailed overview. As we look at the C6 Corvette’s history, we learn that in 2005, the C5 made way for the completely redesigned sixth-generation Corvette, known …

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Exploring 2005-2013 C6 Corvette Body Kits Customization Trends (PART 5)

C6 Corvette Body Kits: Discover the fascinating world of Corvette customization! From individual touches to aftermarket kits, learn about the latest trends and innovations for this iconic car.

Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix 2007

In this blog, we look at our February 2008 issue of Vette Vues Magazine‘s coverage of the September Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix 2007. We also have some photos of the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix 2007 Corvette ZO6 Pace Car. It is interesting to be reminded that it had not been since 2001 that …

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C6 2007 Model Year Corvette Production

The C6 2007 model year was significant in Corvette’s history, marked by its unique offerings and limited production numbers. In total, 40,561 Corvettes were produced that year, making it a relatively rare find compared to other model years. Of these, 10,918 were Convertibles, while 21,484 were the Coupe models. The Z06 variant, known for its …

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