Corvette Production Numbers

You know when you’re looking at a Corvette model year and want to know how many were produced? We have annual production numbers by model variant and production by option codes. You will find the final production statistics and data.

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C6 2007 Model Year Corvette Production

The C6 2007 model year was significant in Corvette’s history, marked by its unique offerings and limited production numbers. In total, 40,561 Corvettes were produced that year, making it a relatively rare find compared to other model years. Of these, 10,918 were Convertibles, while 21,484 were the Coupe models. The Z06 variant, known for its …

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2004 Corvette Final Production Numbers

2004 Model Year Productions We are looking at the 2004 Corvette Production option code and description. Their total produced as well as the percentages for the coupes, fixed roofs, and convertibles that model year. The 2004 Corvette was the last year of the 5th generation. There were a total of 34,064 made Below is a …

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