Lone Wolf Hot Rods’ Sleeper Nova Build – Part Two – Video

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Wayne Scraba’s YouTube Channel called Lone Wolf Hot Rods’ this month shares his upgrades performed on his super-dozy sleeper Nova project.

Wayne tells Vette Vues that “things that have changed include a new big block rad support from Classic Industries, a new “Black Ice” aluminum radiator from DeWitts, Detroit Speed Body-Subframe mounts, a heater delete setup, completely new wiring (that has been “thinned out”), a Heartbeat City front manual disc brake kit, a complete selection of new hardware for the chassis and the sheet metal, new steering components and more.

Check it out and his other videos.

Here are some other videos by Wayne Scraba you might enjoy. Make sure you read his column each and every month in Vette Vues Magazine!

Check out the outlets on this DeWitts radiator. It matches the shape, size, and location of the stock radiator. That means you can use stock hoses, and there’s no funny business with flow restrictions.

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