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Unleash Your Brand's Possibilities with Vette Vues Advertising! Take advantage of Vette Vues Advertising and maximize your marketing opportunities! Is the store pup toying with the packages? Do you need more people to ship to? Let Vette Vues do the heavy lifting and create a personalized campaign that will attract customers to your business. Give us a call today at 386-775-2512 to get started and enjoy our affordable prices!

Boost Sales, Get Noticed, Stay Connected

Get ready to boost your sales with Vette Vues Magazine’s awesome print and digital ad solutions. Since 1972, we’ve been connecting with Corvette fans, and now you can too. Whether you’re into premium print ads or digital magic, we’ve got you covered with super competitive rates. At Vette Vues, we know Corvettes like the back of our hand. We can create a custom ad campaign that fits your budget perfectly. Check out our affordable advertising rates and let’s roll!

Why Advertise with Us?

🚗 Perfect Strategy: Let us build the ideal marketing plan just for you.

🎯 Strong Branding: Your brand’s message will shine bright and clear.

🔍 Targeted Approach: We do the research, and you enjoy the results.

🥇 Reach Your Goals: We’re here to make your dreams come true with our smart solutions.

📰 Diverse Options: We’ve got print, digital, emails, and social media for you.

💲 Affordable Rates: If you’re all about Corvettes, our rates are your friend.

What Makes Us Awesome?

Our magazine is all about Corvettes, and our readers are super passionate about them. That’s why advertising with us is like talking to your best buddies. We’re not like those giant magazines – we’re personal and friendly. When you join us, you’re joining a crew of fellow Corvette lovers. And guess what? Our magazine is getting even cooler as more folks join in. So, when you stick around with us, your business gets to grow too. Your ads won’t just be hanging out, they’ll be making a splash with people who truly care. It’s not about numbers; it’s about real connections that can lead to fantastic sales.

Why Print Advertising?

Print is still a winner, especially for folks who aren’t glued to screens all day. Our magazine offers both print and digital options, so you get the best of both worlds. Your ad won’t just appear once – it’ll stick around in print and online. Did you know that around 36% of people who see a print ad end up buying something? That’s a huge chance for you to shine!

Why Pick Us?

Our readers are totally hooked on Corvettes, and that’s a big plus for you. Your product + our readers = match made in heaven. When you advertise with us, you’re speaking right to the hearts of Corvette fanatics. No need to shout in a crowd – just cozy up with your fellow enthusiasts. Our readership is growing, which means more folks will see your ad. We’re like a family, not a faceless corporation. Our magazine isn’t just read once; it’s cherished, collected, and read again and again. So, your ad keeps shining in front of the right eyes for years to come.

Your Ad, Your Way!

Join the Vette Vues family and get more than just an ad. Your ad will live in our monthly magazine and also get a link on Vette-Vues.com – at no extra cost! Take a look at our current advertisers and meet our buddies. Plus, we spread the love at Corvette events across the country, and we even team up with Corvette Clubs. So, let’s craft a killer ad package that suits you perfectly. Don’t worry about your budget; we’ve got options for everyone. Get ready to make waves with Vette Vues Magazine – call us at 386-775-2512 or email bonnie@vette-vues.com today! Let’s make your business shine!


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NOTE 1: The magazines are mailed in Periodical class mail, and can take up to two weeks for everyone to receive their issues.
NOTE 2: If the date is on a weekend or a holiday, the date is moved to the next business day.

Here is some tech info:

Full Page Text Box – Width 4.625 x Height 7.226
Full Page Trim Size – Width 5.372 x Height 8.375
Full Page Bleed Size – Width 5.866 x Height 8.875
Half Page Text Box – Width 4.625 x Height 3.625
One-Quarter Page – Width 2.312  x Height 3.625
One-Sixth Page Width 2.225 x Height 2.225

Our bleed is .25 over trim size…

Vette Vues Magazine Mechanical Specifications

1. We need 300 dpi
2. Save as a “CMYK”
3. Don’t use LZW compression
4. Acceptable File Format:
PDF file, jpg, tiff

If you need us to typeset, there is no additional fee!

Vette Vues Magazine Advertising Policy

1. Advertiser shall assume liability for all content of advertisements published.

2. No cancellations will be accepted after the closing date.

3. All material must be received by the 15th of each month. No liability will be assumed by the publisher for errors in key codes or advertising indexes.

4. The publisher will not guarantee a position for an advertisement but will honor position requests to the best ability, subject to the production of the issue(s).

5. The publisher reserves the right to refuse to publish any material that is thought to be unsuitable for the publication’s format and/or contains material or subject matter that is of the opinion of the publisher to be unethical or offensive to the publication’s readers.



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