The Latest Release: Corvette Black Book – 70 Year Legacy Edition

Unveiling the Corvette Black Book 70 Year Legacy Edition: Celebrate the journey of an American icon with this meticulously updated edition, featuring exclusive 2023 Corvette Z06 insights, anniversary edition highlights, and much more. Dive into the legacy, page by page.

The Corvette Black Book, a revered treasure among car enthusiasts, has unveiled its latest masterpiece, the 70 Year Legacy Edition. This edition, released in March 2024, marks the second printing of the highly sought-after 2023 book, initially launched in late 2022. Priced at $29.95 with complimentary shipping across the United States, this new edition celebrates over seven decades of Corvette’s illustrious journey, from its inception in 1953 to 2023.

Why the Corvette Black Book 70 Year Legacy Edition is a Must-Have:

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  • Detailed 2023 Corvette Z06 Overview: Perfect for readers searching for “2023 Corvette Z06 details.”
  • Corvette’s 70th Anniversary Edition Highlighted: Attracts those curious about the “Corvette anniversary edition book.”
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  • Model-by-Model Insights: Great for queries related to “Corvette model comparison guide.”

Features of the Corvette Black Book 70 Year Legacy Edition:

  • Legacy and Evolution: Explore the journey from “Corvette history book” to the latest edition.
  • Collector’s Insights: A treasure trove for searches like “Corvette collectors guide.”
  • Restoration Reference: Ideal for “Corvette restoration reference” seekers.

A Dive into the Legacy Edition

The 70 Year Legacy Edition is more than just a reprint; it incorporates critical 2023 production details and the final VIN data missing from its predecessor, alongside enhancements and updates across 18 pages. This edition pays homage to Corvette’s 70th anniversary with a special mention of the Anniversary Edition Corvettes in White Pearl or Carbon Flash, complemented by a Ceramic White interior. It also introduces the Z06 model, which debuted in September 2022, featuring the LT6 engine. This powerhouse engine, with a rating of 670-hp, has been acclaimed as the most potent naturally aspirated production V-8 ever sold.

The 2023 production culminated at 53,785 units, narrowly missing the all-time record set in 1979 by just 22 vehicles. The Legacy edition ensures enthusiasts and collectors have the most up-to-date and comprehensive data, reaffirming its status as the quintessential Corvette compendium.

From Pocket-Sized to Prestige

The journey of the Corvette Black Book is a story of evolution and passion. Originating in 1978 as a 60-page handbook, it has transformed into a 176-page encyclopedic guide, standing ten inches tall and filled with thousands of facts, including options, option codes, colors, production quantities, and original pricing details. Its precise, year-to-year format offers unmatched expertise at your fingertips, with updates that keep pace with Corvette’s ongoing legacy.

Beyond a Price Guide

Unlike typical value guides, the Corvette Black Book focuses on production quantities, which typically trail by a year, but the Legacy edition breaks this mold by including the latest 2023 figures. This edition embodies the relentless pursuit of detail and accuracy, cementing its reputation as the go-to source for Corvette aficionados.

Authenticity and Recognition

The Corvette Black Book’s dedication to authenticity and precision has made it a cornerstone in the Corvette community. It’s often found in top restoration shops and is a staple at Corvette gatherings worldwide. This edition continues to uphold the highest standards of quality and reliability, serving as a testament to the legacy of Corvette.

Special Notices

It’s essential to note that the Corvette Black Book and Michael Bruce Associates, Inc., maintain independence from Hearst Business Media Corporation and are not affiliated with GM or Chevrolet Motor Division. This distinction underscores the publication’s commitment to providing unbiased, accurate information to the Corvette community.

How to Order

Embrace the legacy of Corvette by securing your copy of the 70 Year Legacy Edition. Available for $29.95, including shipping within the United States.

For international and Canada orders, please contact for specific pricing details.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of Corvette history. Order now and celebrate the enduring legacy of one of America’s most iconic sports cars.

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