Discover the Fascinating History of Corvette News, the First-ever Corvette Magazine. Download the PDFs

In this article, you will learn about the history of Corvette News, which was the first Corvette magazine produced. 

At the end of this article, you will find links to some of the issues of Corvette News that you can read online.

GM published a magazine called Corvette News.  Corvette News was the first Corvette magazine produced and was first published in 1957.  It was sent to owners of new Corvettes…for free.  Corvette News covered Corvette racing, news about Corvette club events, features about Corvette owners, and news about the new Corvette!

When you purchased your new Corvette, your owner’s manual had a postcard on the front that you sent in with your name and address. You received a pin, a patch, an ID card, and a subscription for three calendar years to Corvette News. It was originally sent out four times a year and later six times yearly.

After your free subscription ran out, you could subscribe for the cost of $15 for two years (12 bi-monthly issues).

A man named Myron Scott, who was in charge of the GM photo collection picked most of the photos in the first issue.

For the first couple of years, Jim Bernardin, Harry Borgman, and Paul Samuelson, who worked for Campbell-Ewald marketing communications agency, worked on the magazine.

Corvette News, Volume One, Number One
Corvette News, Volume One, Number One
Here are the stories that appeared in the first issue of Corvette News in 1957.
Here are the stories that appeared in the first issue of Corvette News in 1957.

Jim Bernardin was the art director for the first couple of years.
(Source: Jim Bernardin

Corvette News’s last bi-monthly issue was in August/September of 1981. It then went to quarterly, and owners received a one-year subscription (four quarters).

Corvette New magazine letter in its final issue in 1981.
Corvette New magazine’s letter in its final issue in 1981.

Vette Vues Magazine‘s first publication was in 1972.  It was the first Corvette Magazine (privately owned) to be produced.  Numerous magazines have come and gone, but Vette Vues has enjoyed continuous publication.

Here are some PDFs of some old Corvette News magazines:

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