C5 Corvette Tiger Shark Body Kit

In the December 2017 issue of Vette Vues Magazine Scott Teeters looks at the history of the “2001 Tiger Shark Concept Corvette”.  In his article, he mentions that there are aftermarket full-body kits for C5 Corvettes available.   I happened to run across a press release for one of these kits dated June 24, 2015 and thought you might enjoy reading it.

Here is the Corvette Tiger Shark Body Kit press release…

C5 Corvette Tiger Shark Body Kit Now Available Through Detroit-based Innovative Vehicle Solutions for 1997-2004 Corvettes

Re-release of famed Tiger Shark Kit that has been out of circulation for many years

June 24, 2015 – Tiger Shark is back, and is being exposed to the public for the first time in over a decade at Bloomington Gold – where special re-launch pricing will be available.

Innovative Vehicle Solutions, a Detroit-area company providing OEM quality interior and exterior styling accessories, has re-released the C5 Corvette Tiger Shark Body Kit.

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This special edition body kit is modeled after the Tiger Shark concept car that was first shown at the General Motors Special Vehicles Media Event at Milan Raceway in August 2001. Chevrolet soon after made the public debut of both the Tiger Shark Corvette concept car and the Tiger Shark-derived accessory kit at the 2001 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Doug Fehan, a global Corvette expert, and enthusiast from Detroit, recently reviewed the C5 Corvette Tiger Shark Body Kit and confirmed that of all the aftermarket products he’s come across, this is as true to any OEM tooling option that he has seen for Corvettes.

“This Corvette Tiger Shark kit has great lines, is high-quality and fits just like an OEM body part,” Fehan concluded. “For C5 owners who would like to make a classic enhancement to their current car, this Tiger Shark Body Kit is a great option. They can install this OEM-quality kit with a new paint detail and essentially have what will appear to their friends to be a completely new Corvette, without having to purchase an entirely different C5.”

After a long absence in the market, Tiger Shark original parts are now available to ship. With individual kit pieces ranging from MSRP $450.00 to MSRP $900.00 and a total kit cost ranging from MSRP $1,850.00 to MSRP $2,000.00 (depending on fog light kit), Innovative Vehicle Solutions offers Corvette owners an affordable way to customize. Tiger Shark parts are also being offered painted in advance, to OEM specifications.

Special pricing for Bloomington Gold attendees has been set at 20% off the above MSRP if ordered at the show, or 15% off if ordered before July 4, 2015. Customers should utilize promo code “GOLD” when ordering online at www.tigersharkvette.com, to receive the discount.

“After being out of production for over four years, Innovative Vehicle Solutions has worked tirelessly to bring this favorite design of Corvette enthusiasts back into production,” said James Jackson, president of IVS. “All Tiger Shark products are manufactured using original tooling and molded with the original material specifications. As Corvette fans who desire to only offer the highest-quality options, we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

C5 Front Fascia
The Tiger Shark front fascia is manufactured in Urethane material for superior strength and durability. The fascia kit uses factory-mounting points and has an integrated brake cooling system. The front fascia kit comes primed and ready for paint. Available for C5 Corvettes (1997-2004) with or without provisions for OE installed fog lamps.

C5 Front Chin
The Tiger Shark front chin spoiler is manufactured in Urethane material for superior strength and durability. Kit mounts directly to the Tiger Shark front fascia with or without OE fog lights. The chin spoiler kit comes primed and ready for paint.

C5 Rear Fascia
The Tiger Shark rear fascia manufactured in Urethane material for superior strength and durability. The kit uses factory-mounting points. Dynamic looking integrated rear spoiler. The rear fascia kit comes primed and ready for paint. Note: The OE exhaust will have to be modified or a cat/back system is available from Corsa performance designed specifically for the Tiger Shark rear fascia.

Whether it’s concept or creation, the IVS team combines cutting-edge technology with superior design to push the creative envelope and capture the spirit of the open road.  Instead of taking the road less traveled, IVS forges new roads that push the creative envelope and test the limits of passion and performance. IVS continues to develop accessory programs, styling kits and specialty automotive components that are marketed directly or in conjunction with vehicle up-fitters and dealer networks.

“At IVS, we’re committed to producing the highest quality performance accessories that provide years of continued reliability,” Jackson said. “The Tiger Shark Body Kit and our search high and low for the original tooling underscores that commitment and is an example of how we push the creative envelope and test the limits of passion and performance.”

IVS specializes in vehicle personalization enhancements, creating specialty accessories for Corvette C5/C6 and the 5th Generation Camaro.

About Innovative Vehicle Solutions: Located in Redford, Mich., IVS provides OEM quality interior and exterior styling accessories to performance and styling enthusiasts worldwide. Since 2009, Innovative Vehicle Solutions has consistently delivered quality driven products encompassing superior design and ingenuity.
For more information on Innovative Vehicle Solutions or the Tiger Shark Body Kit please contact Innovative Vehicle Solutions at 313-817-1726 or visit www.tigersharkvette.com.

Corvette Tiger Shark Body Kit
Corvette Tiger Shark Body Kit
Corvette Tiger Shark Body Kit
Corvette Tiger Shark Body Kit

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