Historic Victory: Corvette Z06 GT3.R Triumphs at Circuit of The Americas

In a thrilling display of speed and strategy, the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3.R has clinched its first-ever victory in competitive racing, marking a monumental milestone for Corvette Racing. Piloted by the dynamic duo of Tommy Milner and Alec Udell, the No. 63 DXDT Corvette emerged victorious at the highly competitive GT World Challenge America event held at the prestigious Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas.

This groundbreaking win is not just a testament to the unmatched performance and engineering of the Corvette Z06 GT3.R but also a reflection of the sheer determination and synergy between the drivers and the entire DXDT Racing team. As Corvette enthusiasts and racing fans around the globe celebrate, join us on Vette Vues Magazine as we delve into the details of this historic race, exploring how Corvette’s newest warrior has officially etched its name into the annals of racing history.

Below is the Office Press Release:

CORVETTE RACING AT COTA: First Win for Corvette Z06 GT3.R

First Win for Corvette Z06 GT3.R as it Triumphs at Circuit of The Americas 2024

Milner, Udell drive No. 63 DXDT Corvette to GT World Challenge America overall victory

AUSTIN, Texas (May 18, 2024) – DXDT Racing scored the first race victory for the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3.R as Corvette factory driver Tommy Milner and Alec Udell won the first 90-minute race of GT World Challenge America’s event at Circuit of The Americas on Saturday.

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The No. 63 Pro-class Corvette won by 3.706 seconds in its World Challenge America debut race. DXDT Racing fielded its No. 08 Z06 GT3.R for Bryan Sellers and Scott Smithson for the first time in the Pro Am class two weeks ago at Sebring.

Udell qualified on the Pro pole position Saturday and had to avoid a spinning car ahead of him at the first corner of the race start and fell back to fifth overall. He steadily worked his way back through the field and made the Corvette’s mandatory pit stop just past the 40-minute mark. Milner re-emerged and set the Z06 GT3.R’s fastest race lap on his way to the finish.

Sellers and Smithson finished fifth in the Pro-Am class – their best result in three races so far with the No. 08 Corvette.

Sunday’s GT World Challenge finale is set for 2:15 p.m. CT with live coverage on the YouTube GT World channel.



“It’s big for Chevrolet, for Corvette Racing and for Pratt Miller to get this first win for the Z06 GT3.R. As a customer car, you have to show that the car is quick and it’s capable. We’ve been close and shown that we’re fast. But until you get that first win, it’s different. This is a big milestone for the program. That monkey is off our back and we don’t have to think about it any more! Now we can just continue ahead with this program.”

On winning with DXDT Racing: “I’m super happy for my sister (Erin Gahagan, team manager). For David Askew. It’s a big day for this team. They put a lot of time and effort in making the team better. They’ve had great races, and they’re doing all the right things. But it’s hard to enjoy that until you see the successes. So I’m really happy for them.”


“I had hoped (success) would come this soon. Whenever you’re starting a new program, there are all kinds of unknowns. It’s the first time Tommy and I have driven together. It’s the first time I’ve raced with the team. Everything has gelled very nicely, which speaks to the caliber of the team, the caliber of the Corvette, and us being able to bring it all together is super satisfying. Especially for me at home. It’s a great feeling. It takes a little bit of pressure off. Now we can continue to focus forward and make improvements where we can.”


“Congratulations to Alec, Tommy, David Askew and everyone at DXDT Racing on securing the first race victory for the Corvette Z06 GT3.R. Today’s result in GT World Challenge America is the result of tremendous collaboration between DXDT, Corvette Racing support and our GM Powertrain team, even since before the team debuted with the Z06 GT3.R at Sebring.”

Community Reactions: Fans Celebrate the Corvette Z06 GT3.R’s Victory

The victory of the Corvette Z06 GT3.R at Circuit of The Americas has not only made headlines but has also ignited the passion of Corvette enthusiasts across social media. Fans have taken to the Corvette Racing Facebook page to express their excitement and support for the team’s remarkable achievement. Here are a couple of standout comments that capture the community’s spirit:

  • “Congratulations on the first of many victories to come.” This comment reflects the high hopes the Corvette community has for the future of the Z06 GT3.R, anticipating this win to be the first of many more.
  • “Outstanding day! For both cars too with Sellers and Smithson picking up 5 positions. Best day watching Corvettes in a while! Amazing run DXDT Racing!” This enthusiastic reaction highlights not only the victory but also the strong performance across the team, emphasizing the overall success of the event for Corvette racing fans.

These comments illustrate the deep connection and pride that fans feel towards Corvette Racing, underscoring the significance of this win not just for the team but for the entire Corvette family.


As we celebrate this historic win for the Corvette Z06 GT3.R, the future looks incredibly bright for Corvette Racing. This victory at the Circuit of The Americas is just the beginning, and the anticipation for what is to come is palpable. Stay tuned to Vette Vues Magazine for more updates and stories from the world of Corvette, where history is made on the racetrack.

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