CRUISIN’ in Your Chevrolet Virtually

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The world-famous Woodward Dream Cruise is canceled this year, so Chevrolet came up with a great idea, CRUISIN’ in Your Chevrolet Virtually. At the end of this post, we will post up the videos as they are released.

Chevrolet is reimagining summer car cruising through a week-long virtual festival – Cruisin’ the USA in your Chevrolet – that celebrates more than a century of the brand’s automotive history. Hosted on Chevy’s social media channels from August 10-16, the event is designed to take viewers back in time to experience the brand’s rich heritage of innovation, design, and passion.

Chevrolet hosts a week-long virtual fan experience called Cruisin’ the USA in Your Chevrolet on its social media channels from August 10-16 to celebrate more than a century of the brand’s automotive history.
Chevrolet hosts a week-long virtual fan experience called Cruisin’ the USA in Your Chevrolet on its social media channels from August 10-16 to celebrate more than a century of the brand’s automotive history.

“Classic car events have served as a place for us to honor Chevrolet’s deep automotive history and its influence on our present and future with car enthusiasts from around the world,” said Steve Majoros, vice president of marketing, Chevrolet. “Cruisin’ the USA in your Chevrolet is a way for us to keep that spirit alive.”

Each day of the festival will incorporate a different theme and immerse the audience in historic footage, guest appearances, trivia and more. Chevy experts will also provide in-depth looks at some of the brand’s most iconic vehicles housed at the General Motors Heritage Center and even share their own custom Chevy builds.

The week will kick off with a journey back to 1911, when Chevy was founded by Louis Chevrolet and Billy Durant. Viewers will have access to rare archival photos and videos from the last 109 years showcasing Chevy’s memorable feats. Highlights of the past and present will include technological evolutions of Chevy’s electric vehicles, as well as its trucks and performance vehicles.

Children can also join in on the fun by downloading specially-designed coloring pages, puzzles, and activities from the Chevy Design School and exploring cool Chevy themes to outfit their Animal Crossing world.  

Schedule of Events: 

To gear up for the event, fans can download a collectable 18×24-inch high-resolution printable poster featuring a 1967 C10 CST pickup, 1957 Corvette convertible, 2020 Corvette C8.R and 2020 Camaro ZL1.

Follow along on Chevy’s social media channels – @Chevrolet on TwitterInstagram and Pinterest, and @TeamChevy on Race Day – as we celebrate all things past, present and future Chevy. Consumers are also encouraged to share their own fan photos using the hashtag #ChevyLove.


To understand our present, you have to know our past. Learn how the ideals of Louis Chevrolet have inspired us to build customer-centric solutions for more than 109 years.

To keep the spirit of summer car cruising alive, Chevrolet hosted a virtual celebration on social media called Cruisin’ the U.S.A. in Your Chevrolet. The event features the most iconic Chevy vehicles past and present, as well as heritage videos, photos, and activities for all ages.

The 1914 H4 Baby Grand was one of the first vehicles produced by Chevrolet. Take a walk around the 106-year-old touring model and learn the story behind it.

Since day one, cutting-edge design has been a priority at Chevy. See what vehicles continue to inspire us.

The 1959 El Camino Custom is perhaps the most eccentric, original design in Chevy history. Take a tour of what became known as the “roadster pickup.”

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