February 2021 Vette Vues Magazine Issue Preview

Today on our blog, we are looking at the Vette Vues Magazine February 2021 issue. We are looking at the articles that our Corvette magazine subscribers are enjoying again this month. Vette Vues Magazine is a print publication and is sold by subscription only. We started in 1972 and have enjoyed continuous monthly publication ever since!

February 2021 Vette Vues Magazine, #592 Volume 49, Issue Number 7
February 2021 Vette Vues Magazine, #592 Volume 49, Issue Number 7

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#592 Volume 49, Issue Number 7

6…Bloomington Gold Corvettes: 2020 Special Collection

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32…Corvettes Brought Back to Life: 1964 XP-819

36…The Duntov Z80 – A Corvette that Never Was

44…Mario Brunner’s 1966 Corvette Pilot Car

51…Keepin’ Track of Corvette Racing

       A.) SVRA at CoTA 

       B.) HSR Dayton Classic 24

55…Corvette Legend or Myth: Episode – XXIV


71…Engine Bearing Basics: There’s More to Bearings than you Might Think

77…Corvette Model Scene

85…Business Card File

86…Literature, Models, & Miscellaneous for Sale & Wanted

88…Corvette Parts for Sale

93 …Corvettes for Sale & Wanted       

96…Advertisers Index

Our Cover Car:  The L84 was the most powerful 327 available for the 1965 Corvette thanks to Ram-Jet Fuel Injection, an expensive $538 option.  This spectacular, virtually flawless 1965 Corvette convertible was famously purchased in 1976 for the then-incredible sum of $42,000 and is said to have started to rise in Corvette collectability.  Owned by Dana and Pat Mecum (of Mecum Auctions), this 1965 has its original Glen Green paint, Saddle leather interior, Beige soft top, and auxiliary hardtop.

February 2021 Vette Vues Magazine Cover
February 2021 Vette Vues Magazine Cover
February 2021 Vette Vues Magazine Article
February 2021 Vette Vues Magazine Article

Vette Vues Magazine is jammed packed with Corvette information covering C1 to C8. Each monthly issue has features, reviews, tips, restorations, clubs, events, racing, auction results, model cars, classifieds, products, services, and more.  Enjoy the latest Corvette news, as well as some great historical facts.

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