Guldstrand and Greenwood Corvettes Featured in Chip’s Choice 2015

Photo Credits Steve Robertson

John Greenwood 1944-2015
Dick Guldstrand 1927-2015

Vette Vues Magazine has a perfect spot at Corvettes at Carlisle, right across Chip’s Choice!  It was fun on setup day to watch them move this year’s special display vehicles into their spots.

The late Chip Miller started Chip’s Choice.  Chip was a Corvette Enthusiasts if ever there was one.  He handpicked the cars for the display.  Since his passing, his son, Lance, has been carrying on in his dad’s tradition.

The display in 2015 featured Corvettes that were customized by two pioneers in customization as well as being racing legends: the displayed honored John Greenwood and Dick Guldstrand, both of which passed in 2015.

“True Corvette legends don’t come around often,” said Lance Miller.  “Every Corvette aficionado would agree that John Greenwood and Dick Guldstrand were certainly standouts within the Corvette community.  These two gentlemen made the Corvette better during their lives,” continued Miller.  “They were both aggressive on and off the track and not only enjoyed racing but also lived it.  They worked hard to ensure the Corvette was at the front of the pack, and I’m certain they’re proudly looking down over what the Chevrolet team currently provides.  Surely, they’d both be very proud of the new Corvette!  My condolences to the Guldstrand and Greenwood families; may these two gentleman RIP,” concluded Miller.


1989 Nassau Guldstrand Corvette Convertible
<em>1989 Nassau Guldstrand Corvette Convertible<em>

Our first car is a 1989 Guldstrand GS-90 Convertible “Nassau” and owned by Charlie Budenz.  This Guldstrand has never been restored and has 77,000 miles on it.

Charlie purchased the “garage find” #003 supercharged Nassau convertible from the original owner in 2015. The vehicle has never been restored and has 77,000 miles. This is the first time the ’89 Vette will ever be on display.

CHIP’S CHOICE # 345 1990 GS90 GULDSTRAND COUPE owned by Charlie Budenz.

1990 GS90 Guldstrand Corvette Coupe
<em>1990 GS90 Guldstrand Corvette Coupe<em>

Charlie purchased this Corvette from its original owner in 2012 and then toured with Dick Guldstrand in 2013 in the vehicle. Charlie also led the parade at Monterey with this Corvette. It has never been restored and remains in its original condition.

CHIP’S CHOICE #346 1989 GS90 GULDSTRAND CORVETTE from the National Corvette Museum.

1989 GS90 Guldstrand Corvette
<em>1989 GS90 Guldstrand Corvette<em>

In 1994, Corvette racing driver and tuner, Dick Guldstrand, introduced his first and only coach-built Corvette, the GS90. The car is based on the Corvette ZR-1 chassis and engine designed by Steve Winter. When the C4 ZR-1 was released, Guldstrand saw an opportunity to bring back the Grand Sport he used to race, pitching the concept of his radically restyled ZR-1 to Chevrolet. He requested several ZR-1s and a few million dollars. Instead, he received one car and a blessing.

The GS90 was Guldstrand’s ultimate 475hp version of the ZR-1, incorporating influences from the Grand Sports of the early 60s. Guldstrand left the ZR-1 cabin alone, concentrating instead on the chassis and engine development, and custom coach-built distinctive body.

The car was debuted at the L.A. Auto Show and had a price tag of $134,500, and as a result, only six GS90s were built and sold.


1989 GS80 Van Halen Guldstrand Corvette
<em>1989 GS80 Van Halen Guldstrand Corvette <em>

The Guldstrand GS80 serial number #008 was originally built for rock singer Alex Van Halen. It was purchased in 1988, and it had a series #1 engine. In fact, it was the last series #1 engine built. When the oiling problems became public knowledge, Van Halen brought the car back for an upgrade to the series #2 engine.

Eventually, the car was sold. This next owner drove it, and street raced it for a couple of years. The car was then sold to Chuck Forgey in Indiana. Chuck proceeded to use the car for racing up and down the middle of the U.S. for the next two years. He earned enough trophies to validate Guldstrand’s expertise in building performance cars. He then sold the car to Roger Abshire in January of 2003.


1966 Developement L88 Corvette Penske Racer
<em>1966 Developement L88 Corvette Penske Racer<em>

In 1965, Roger Penske was focused on winning Daytona and, through Zora Arkus-Duntov’s recommendation, contacted Dick Guldstrand. During the race, a collision damaged the front end, almost disqualifying it due to the lack of headlights. Duct-taping two heavy duty flashlights quickly fixed this to what remained of the fenders. The team broke the GT record, achieving first in class and 11th overall.

After that big win, the car received a new paint job courtesy of its new sponsor, Sunoco, in time for the 12 hours of Sebring race. It led its class from start to finish and finished ninth overall. In addition, it was the first large-production car to win both Daytona and Sebring in class back to back.

This car has been restored by Corvette Repair Inc. of Valley Stream, NY, to the correct configuration as it raced at the 1966 12 hours of Sebring as #9.


Spirit of LeMans Greenwood Corvette
<em>Spirit of LeMans Greenwood Corvette<em>

The Spirit of LeMans widebody Greenwood Corvette was built in 1976. It was raced at the 24 Hours of LeMans, the world’s most prestigious road race, that year and became the crowd favorite. John Greenwood qualified the Corvette 9th on the grid and was clocked on the Mulsanne straight at 217 mph! However, tire problems arose during practice and qualifying, and at the 11-hour mark of the race, a rear tire blew and took the rear bodywork and fuel cell with it.

The Spirt of Lemans was raced during the 1976, 1977, and 1978 IMSA seasons and then on the Trans-Am circuit for a while. It changed hands a few times before Goldin Brothers Racing completely restored it in 1994.


Spirit of Sebring Greenwood Corvette
<em>Spirit of Sebring Greenwood Corvette<em>

The Spirit of Sebring widebody Greenwood Corvette was built in 1975 for a customer in Pennsylvania. The owner never drove the car but financed a racing team during the late 1975 and 1976 IMSA road racing seasons.

It was featured in the March 1976 issue of Road & Track magazine with a streetcar versus racecar comparison. The Road & Track road test calculated 0 to 150 mph in 18 seconds!

The Spirit of Sebring is credited with the first major win for the Greenwood widebody Corvette at the November 1975 IMSA finale at Daytona. This win was especially rewarding as the car was brand new and had not previously been raced or tested.

In 1976, it was raced at the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring races. Though it qualified on pole for Sebring, it didn’t complete either race. The racing season was wrapped up that year with a win at the Daytona Finale. Not only did the driver, John Greenwood, qualify on the pole, but he set a new track record and a new average speed race record!

After changing hands a few times, including a period of ownership by Paul Newman, it was sold in 1992 to its current owner, Goldin Brothers Racing.

CHIP’S CHOICE #352 1976 GREENWOOD CORVETTE owners Brad & Debbie Briscoe.

1976 Greenwood Corvette
<em>1976 Greenwood Corvette<em>

This 1976 Greenwood Corvette was ordered from Greenwood by Jim Mancuso to be run as a Trans-Am car. The original stamps for SCCA and Trans-Am are still on the roll cage. It is “customer Ear” #010. Currently, the vehicle has been torn completely down to nothing and has recently been rebuilt. This is the first place it’s been shown since restoration.

CHIP’S CHOICE #353 1978 GREENWOOD TURBO GT owner Andy Rumford.

1978 Greenwood Turbo GT Corvette
<em>1978 Greenwood Turbo GT Corvette<em>

John Greenwood built this 1978 Greenwood Turbo GT as only 1 of 43 customer cars produced in 5 models. Greenwood incorporated his cutting-edge aerodynamics and suspension technology from his wide-bodied racers into his street version cars. This Original Turbo GT model is serial number one of three built. This Corvette features an L82 engine producing 420hp and an AR T04 Turbo with 12 pounds of boost. Equipped with all original Turbo GT badging, only 10,500 original miles are on this ’78 Greenwood.

CHIP’S CHOICE #354 1981 GREENWOOD DAYTONA TURBO owner National Corvette Museum.

1981 Greenwood Daytona Turbo Corvette
<em>1981 Greenwood Daytona Turbo Corvette <em>

This 1981 Greenwood is one of five produced. Ferrari dealer, Rick Mancuso ordered it. Mancuso placed his own serial number on the vehicle, L.F.S.C #001, and sold it to Terry Carter, a serviceman stationed in California. Carter sold it to Dr. Marv Silverman of Beverly Hills. After several years of ownership, he donated the car to the National Corvette Museum in 1 994.

CHIP’S CHOICE #355 1981 GREENWOOD DAYTONA TURBO CORVETTE owners William & Mary Lou Valentine

1981 Greenwood Daytona Turbo Corvette
<em>1981 Greenwood Daytona Turbo Corvette<em>

This Greenwood is no stranger to Carlisle and has been on the Fun Field for many years, even on display inside Building T in 2004. It is number two of only four made. John Greenwood built this car as a copy of his Daytona race car in the street version. Greenwood even signed the dash and air cleaner on this vehicle, as did Zora Arkus-Duntov.


1984 Greenwood Corvette
<em>1984 Greenwood Corvette<em>

You might also enjoy looking at a two-page advertisement that Greenwood Motorsport ran in Vette Vues Magazine in 1995. In the ad, they are advertising body kits for Corvettes.

A two page advertisement that Greenwood Motorsport ran in Vette Vues Magazine in 1995
<em>A two page advertisement that Greenwood Motorsport ran in Vette Vues Magazine in 1995<em>
A two page advertisement that Greenwood Motorsport ran in Vette Vues Magazine in 1995
<em>A two page advertisement that Greenwood Motorsport ran in Vette Vues Magazine in 1995<em>

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