How to get into your C8 Corvette if you have a dead battery…

How to get into your C8 Corvette if you have a dead battery
How to get into your C8 Corvette if you have a dead battery.

Today on Vette Vues blog post we are looking at how to get into your C8 Corvette if your battery is dead. We also share a video that explains each step from Rick Conti.

You might have tried to do the recent over the air update for your 2020 C8 Corvette only to find you have trouble. In most cases the update worked fine, but in a few cases, you now have a dead battery.

First, Rick does mention that it is still best to go to the dealership and get a direct download. But now that your battery is dead, that option isn’t on the table unless you call for a tow.

Rick Corvette Conti has a great video (see below) that if you own a C8 you will want to watch, just in case you ever find yourself locked out of the Corvette with a dead battery.

Inside Emergency Exit Lever

Emergency Door Open Lever in C8 Corvette
Emergency Door Open Lever in C8 Corvette

First for a safety feature every Corvette owner needs to know. If you are in the cockpit and your battery is dead, on the floor next to the door is a leaver. This is your emergency door lever. There is one on each side. Just pull it up and you can easily get out.

But what if you are on the outside…wanting in?

We will look a how to get into the cockpit, the rear and front trunks.

The first two are with the hidden key in your key fob.

  1. Get your “key” (hidden in your key fob) and underneath the license plate is the keyhole. You need to unscrew the plate and you can access the keyhole. Ya. I know. Who carries a screwdriver? This lets you into the hatch. But this still doesn’t get you to the battery. If you have a dead battery you need to get to the front trunk, your frunk.

2. The second way to get into your Corvette is on the side rear quarter panel just past the door of the Corvette tucked under the little wing. This is where your keyhole is located. (You need access to the cockpit to get to the front.) Once in Rick shows us how to get into the front trunk where the battery is stored.

Corvette Key Hole on Drivers Side Rear Panel
Corvette Key Hole on Drivers Side Rear Panel

Now, how to get into the fronk?

There is a cable on the floor on the driver’s side, way in the back. One person mentioned that when he went to look for the cable it was wrapped up and tucked behind other wires. Once you locate it, you need to pull it TWO TIMES and it will manually open the front trunk.

C8 Corvette Front Trunk Pull Cable
C8 Corvette Front Trunk Pull Cable
C8 Corvette Front Trunk Pull Cable
C8 Corvette Front Trunk Pull Cable

Now you are in the front trunk!

For those of you who purchased the ERI Battery Protection Package for $100.00, you are smiling right now! Just plugin and charge your battery.

ERI Battery Protection Package
ERI Battery Protection Package

If you didn’t purchase the charging system you need to take the covers off the back part of the trunk to gain access to the battery. Rick does a great job of showing us how to do this.

C8 Corvette Front Trunk
C8 Corvette Front Trunk
C8 Corvette Front Trunk Battery Compartment
C8 Corvette Front Trunk Battery Compartment

Once your battery is charged head to your dealership for a direct download of the update!

Check out Corvette Rick Conti’s Video title ” DEAD C8 CORVETTE ??? HOW DO YOU GET IN FROM THE OUTSIDE WITH THE KEY”

Chevrolet produced 23 videos for owners of the 2020 C8 Corvette Stingray. The new videos show owners how to get the most out of their cars.

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