Corvette Enthusiast and Early Pioneer Jim Prather is Remembered

We Remember Jim Prather, Corvette Enthusiast and Early Pioneer of the Corvette Hobby

We regret to inform you that James Prather founder of Vette Vues Magazine passed away peacefully in his sleep on August 14 2022 We welcome anyone who would like to add their comments
James Prather the founder of Vette Vues Magazine passed away peacefully in his sleep on August 14 2022

We regret to inform you that James Prather, founder of Vette Vues Magazine, passed away peacefully in his sleep on August 14, 2022.

Jim Prather was one of the early pioneers of the Corvette hobby, and you might not even know his name. While he might not have achieved fame in the way that some other Corvette aficionados have, Prather’s personal story is fascinating and inspiring, and we can all learn from his example as we build our own stories as Corvette enthusiasts.

Those who were lucky enough to know Jim Prather realize what he did to help further the cause of America’s Sports Car during its earliest days. Jim started the first Corvette magazine to be published privately. This was a big deal because it gave Corvette enthusiasts a place to share their love for the car and connect with other like-minded people. He had a love for Corvettes and saw a need for a publication that would cater to Corvette enthusiasts. His magazine featured technical articles, photos, advertisements, event listings, and classified ads. Jim was also involved in several Corvette clubs and organizations. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

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My father, Chip, and Jim were dear friends. Both loved Corvettes but they also loved the people behind the wheel more so. Both were big family guys and clearly, they had much in common. I recall the conversations they had back in the day, showcasing a true friendship. Jim did an amazing job at building his company which was surrounded by the Corvette hobby. I’m certain my father and Jim will be smiling down and enjoying that eternal racetrack up above. My sincere condolences to Jim’s friends and family. 

Lance Miller
Carlisle Events Inc.

I did not know Jim directly.  But I ‘grew up’ in the Corvette world, reading and absorbing Vette Vues every month. The magazine was our communication of what went on throughout the country with Corvettes.  

Guy Larsen, President
Bloomington Gold Corvettes USA

Jim was passionate about the Corvette marque. I remember that he had a very good job with the US Postal Service that he gave up to concentrate on his new magazine ” Vette Vues“.

In the early years of the 1970s, it was thin but had a certain charm to it. Every issue was a treat. It was one of the best places to find parts and cars for sale. His coverages of new Corvette events that were beginning to pop up like Bloomington Gold and NCRS events were excellent.

His vision helped these organizations to flourish along with his excellent editorial staff and photographers.

Thank you Jim for all you have done for the Corvette hobby.  We will sincerely miss you. 

Rick Race
Former Co-Director of Bloomington Gold Certification 
NCRS #2132

3 thoughts on “Corvette Enthusiast and Early Pioneer Jim Prather is Remembered

  • Sammy N Draughn

    Started with year 1 #4, great magazine. Met Jim at a NCRS meet, had a great time talking to him.

  • Gary Jackson

    Jim Prather was a quiet man who had a loud impact on the Corvette world. This retired postmaster was tireless in his effort to keep Corvette owners and enthusiasts informed about the car when he founded and published Vette Vues magazine. From a mimeographed sheet handed out at club meetings, Vette Vues achieved world wide distribution. Jim was a member of Corvette Atlanta, NCCC club #120, and a good friend. He even put my “Red Rocket” on the cover of volume 2 # 7, for an article about the costs of owning America’s only true sports car. We all will miss this true pioneer.

    Gary E Jackson
    Atlanta, GA

  • Rich Polson

    I was just rereading some of my old Vette Vues and thought I would Google the author to find out what he was currently up to. I ended up here and was saddened to learn that Jim Prather had just passed away. When I was a kid Vette Vues was my joy. And in my twenties I memorized the pages as I was able to own a 64FI, 66, 67, 68 and 71. Thank you Jim!

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