January 2019 Issue Preview Vette Vues Magazine

In our Vette Vues Magazine issue preview, we look at the articles that appeared in our January 2019 issue.  Our event coverage is from the 2018 Corvettes at Carlisle, NCRS Gallery XIX.  We look back at Scott Leon at the Desert Proving Ground in Mesa, Arizona, when he worked on the ZR-2 Big Doggie, a one-of-a-kind engineering exercise.  Other features include Mike Semeraro’s 1971 War Bonnet Yellow Sting Ray, Dave Gudgeon’s 1963 custom Corvette and we take a look at the No. 64 Redline/Mobil 1 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R’s new look that raced in the FIA World Endurance Championship’s round in China — the C7.R’s first official race on Asian soil.  Wayne Scraba troubleshoots the Charging System on Corvette as well as troubleshoots the lamps. Kenneth Kayser shares with us some history of when GM’s Fuel Injection Program really began. Toy Vues, Model Scene, and Classified ads are just a few more of what our subscribers are enjoying this month.

January 2019 Cover Vette Vues Magazine
January 2019 Cover Vette Vues Magazine
January 2019 Articles Vette Vues Magazine
January 2019 Articles Vette Vues Magazine


4…Mark Semeraro’s 1971 War Bonnet Yellow Sting Ray

14…The Corvette ZR2 – Big Doggie

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28…The Corvette Factory Show Cars – Part 9: Bill Mitchell’s 3 in 1 Corvette Show Car

36…1963 Corvette Sting Ray

40…2018 NCRS Gallery XIX

65…New Foothills Parkway

66…Corvette Racing at Shanghai

89…Corvette Comes in All Sizes

97…Corvette Legend or Myth & Zora’s Marque of Excellence: When did GM’s Fuel Injection Program Really Begin?

103…Troubleshooting the Charging System: Dead Batteries + Big Trouble

110…Troubleshooting Lamps: Dim or Missing Lights

115…Reader’s Idea!

116…New Product Release

117…Tips from the Pros

70 …Model Scene

76…Toy Vues

81…Rear Vues: 1978-Part I

IBC…Racy Vues

118…Business Card File

118…Calendar of Events

121…Corvette Literature, Models, & Miscellaneous for Sale & Wanted

122…Corvette Parts for Sale

125…Corvettes for Sale & Wanted

128…Advertisers Index

Our Cover Car: This month, we are featuring a reader’s story and car.  Mark Semeraro’s love started as a child with his Hot Wheel diecast Corvette.   Now he is the proud owner of this beautiful 1971 War Bonnet Yellow Sting Ray.  Photo credits: Annmarie Semeraro Simoni

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