Corvette Racing had hopes of going out of the GT Le Mans (GTLM) era in winning style, but things don’t always work as you had planned. At the 10-hour Petit Le Mans, a mid-race accident forced the No. 3 C8.R’s retirement just before the halfway point.

Taylor was part of a long train of cars coming to a restart over a blind crest and crashed heavily into another GT car that had spun and stopped only seconds before. He was evaluated and released from the infield care center.

We are thankful to report that Jordan Taylor is going to be okay!

Without a roll cage or head restraints, the crash could have been fatal!

Fortunately, Jordan Taylor was able to get out of his car on his own. When he stood up he knew his injury was likely muscular and not a broken back.

They took him in an ambulance to the care center for evaluation and he was later released.

“So thankful to everyone at Pratt & Miller, Corvette, and Chevrolet for building such a strong C8.R,” Taylor said on Twitter. “Definitely a bit sore today, but just being able to walk away from that crash speaks volumes to the strength and safety of the Corvette.”

Here is the official Corvette Racing press release dated NOV 13 2021

CORVETTE RACING AT PETIT LE MANS: Big Heartbreak in 2021 Finale

GT Le Mans championship sweep takes sting out of tough finishes

BRASELTON, Ga. (Nov. 13, 2021) – Corvette Racing had hopes of going out of the GT Le Mans (GTLM) era in winning style, but fortune had other ideas at the 10-hour Petit Le Mans. Despite setbacks to both Chevrolet Corvette C8.Rs in the final race of this year’s IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, the program still celebrated a second straight sweep of the full-season GTLM titles.

Antonio Garcia and Jordan Taylor wrapped up their second straight class Drivers Championship as the No. 3 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Chevrolet Corvette C8.R took the green flag for the race start. It also locked up consecutive Manufacturers championships for Chevrolet and the Team title for the No. 3 Corvette squad.

A mid-race accident, however, forced the No. 3 C8.R’s retirement just before the halfway point. Taylor was part of a long train of cars coming to a restart over a blind crest and crashed heavily into another GT car that had spun and stopped only seconds before. He was evaluated and released from the infield care center.

Corvette Racing still had hopes of a ninth Petit Le Mans victory with the No. 4 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Corvette C8.R of Tommy Milner, Nick Tandy and Alexander Sims.

The trio led a race-high 313 laps with all three drivers taking turns at the front of the field. While lacking overall performance, clever strategy and pit work kept the No. 4 C8.R at or near the lead for the first three-quarters of the race. Fuel savings by the Corvette drivers meant shorter fuel fill times, and the No. 4 pit crew helped capitalize by gaining 11 spots during the first six pit stops in the race.

In a fight for track position late and running second in class, Tandy was hit and pushed off-track by the eventual race-winning prototype. The impact broke the left-front suspension of the Corvette with 10 minutes left.

Corvette Racing will return to IMSA in January for the season-opening Rolex 24 At Daytona in the new GTD PRO category. That effort will go along with a single-car entry in the FIA World Endurance Championship.


“A good first lap for sure knowing that we had clinched the championship You forget about that right away because you are in race mode. Everything was running super smooth for the first full stint or half-stint then I was able to save fuel and jump first and second place on the first pit stop. Then it felt the car came back to me and was really pretty good. I saw Nick (Tandy) behind me and we pulled a good gap over the other cars. So I settled in and everything seemed to be going to plan. Actually it caught me by surprise because yesterday the car didn’t feel very good. Somehow we had pace today. It’s just a shame about what happened to Jordan. I could anticipate something happening after the three or four restarts I did because traffic was very severe not only on the restarts but with all the class splits out there. There was a lot of tension you could see out there. As Jordan said, the good thing is he is okay that’s the best thing so what I’m very grateful for.”

ON THE CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON: “This year was a really good year. We started by winning the Rolex 24. It felt like a really long time since my last one. It was starting to be a little bit like last year. Corvette was super strong and probably even stronger this year. We just kept doing what we did last year, Jordan and I. We seem to be really good together. Everything was working really good. We just kept doing what we did. We didn’t think about the championship but somehow everything came back to us. Other than this year, my only downside was Sebring. I thought we had a really good race going until six minutes to go. Now for sure I’ll remember this championship. Not winning Petit does hurt, though.”

MOVING TO GTD PRO IN 2022: “We’re definitely looking forward to that. That opens up the opportunity to win this race, for one! This championship has really, really good racing. Getting back to race again at Daytona, Sebring, here and the other good tracks we go to, I’m really happy for that. As you can see today, GTD looks like good fun. I’m looking forward to that, too.”


“Just a little sore, thanks. It’s just really tight, a muscle spasm. I’ll be fine in a couple of days. Thankfully, Corvette, Chevrolet and Pratt Miller built a very strong car that kept me safe. It’s definitely a scary moment when you come over the crest in fifth gear and everyone stops on the other side. It’s something we can learn from in the future on restart procedures. But thankfully I got out of the car and am okay, and we still had another Corvette in the fight.”


“Like Antonio said, as soon as you start the race, you kind of forget about the championship and go for the win because it is Petit Le Mans. When you come into these events, such high-profile events, it’s unfortunate you have such a mix of drivers and classes that don’t mix well and makes the traffic and the racing so difficult. My first stint was kind of messy with traffic in and out. Then the way it worked we were starting in the back for that restart. The stack-up effect is always there and 10A and 10B, which was way more extreme today. It was unfortunate to catch us out, but definitely amazing to get a championship for Antonio and I and two in a row. Amazing to finish up the GTLM era with two championships like that and I think Antonio is the winningest driver in the class over its existence, so I am proud to have been his teammate for nine of those wins and looking forward to fighting for a third one next year.”


“When we were restarting, I don’t know where we were in line, maybe 30th or 35th. The leaders were coming out of 10B and they start accelerating out of the chicane. So they start going and then when you get back to 15th or 20th, they are still braking in the chicane and it starts the accordion effect. We were so far back, we were pretty much flat-out all the way down the back stretch trying to kind of keep up with everyone. By the time we got to the crest, I was behind the 79 or 97 and at that point I’m in fifth gear. I’m just basically following him and trusting him that he knows where he is going and he could see where we were going. As soon as we crested, he went left and I went right. Basically where he had gone turned out to be the only safe place and when I popped up next to him, there were two cars stopped in the middle of the racetrack. I had nowhere to go so I slid into them about 110 miles an hour. Thankfully everyone was fine. The first thing I thought was I thought I broke my back, that is how hard it was and probably hurt the guy in front of me with how hard I hit him directly in the back. Thankfully he was fine.
“I already saw someone already and it is muscle spasms in my lower back. Thankfully nothing right now is too serious. When I got to the medical center, I was the worst one.”

PERSPECTIVE: “This was the first time I’ve had a big crash in an event… we’re a family of racers – my dad and my brother. It’s the first time one of us has had a big accident. It’s always a fear for a family member to get injured. Antonio’s family probably watches at home and they don’t get answers as fast as this if something happens. I knew Ricky was in the 10 car and when I walked over the wall, my first thought was that he was going to drive by this mashed car and he’d be looking for a thumbs up. I knew he’d be freaked out, so it was an emotional moment to be honest. It brings a lot of things back into reality. You’re on track racing these guys and wanting to beat everyone. But as soon as an accident happens, it becomes a lot more human and brings out that back into the big picture. So I want to say thank you to everyone on the team for the safety and the IMSA safety team, as well.”

SEEING YOUR DAD AFTER THE ACCIDENT: “Ricky was one of the first ones I saw on the track. I was on the wall and he was looking for a thumbs up, so I gave him a thumbs up just to put him at ease considering his position for the championship. Then I was carted off to the medical center, where I knew my mom and my girlfriend were outside. I called my mom from someone’s cell phone and told her I was OK and hopefully relay that message to my dad. I saw him about an hour-and-a-half later. He was still crying, which I can imagine. I hated watching him race for the same reasons, and I can’t imagine what it’s like for him to watch his kids every day. Thankfully to this point, it was smooth sailing but in this sport anything can happen. Today was a bit of a reality check for everyone. I’m sure everyone we’ll all be really happy once we get home safely.”

NICKY CATSBURG, NO. 3 MOBIL 1/SiriusXM CHEVROLET CORVETTE C8.R – FINISHED SIXTH IN GTLM: “The season started amazing with winning Daytona. I think at Sebring we were in a very good position to win the race as well until we were taken out in the last little part of the race. Le Mans wasn’t too bad. So yes I can look back on a good season. And the boys can look back on an even better season because they won the championship. Today was very unfortunate. We are all happy that Jordan is feeling well and got away with just some muscle pain. Of course I would have loved to drive and not sit on the sideline for the whole race, but other than that it was super nice this season and we get to celebrate a championship.

“It is only one-and-a-half months and we are back in Daytona GTD PRO. New challenge and I think the competition is bigger. The field is bigger. That is going to be interesting. I can’t wait to be honest.”

TOMMY MILNER, NO. 4 MOBIL 1/SiriusXM CHEVROLET CORVETTE C8.R – FINISHED FOURTH IN GTLM: “Going into the race I said our biggest competition would be the Porsches because they had such a big advantage in performance. They already had a fast car last year and on paper, they should have been significantly faster which they were as we saw toward the end of the race today. It is kind of a shame for Corvette Racing that this happens. We don’t go into a race thinking we are going to lose. We use any possible advantage we can find, and today we used whatever advantage we could find to be competitive at the end. It was just a little bit too big of a mountain to climb. Then at the end, Nick got taken out by the Mazda. It happens all the time. As soon as we are out of their view they just decide to move over. We can’t just disappear, and it has ruined races for a lot of GT cars over the years. They’re never really ever penalized as much as they should. The race today was a great race for us for most of it. We were able to find ways to keep the car at the front. It didn’t end like we wanted it to, but we can look back on a great season. There were lots of highlights for both the 3 and the 4 car all year. Nick and I both were happy with the last half of the season with three wins in a row. And we get the Manufacturers and Team championships for Corvette and Chevy. I’m happy with all that. It’s hard to reflect on the good when you had a sour end. I’m very, very proud of this Corvette Racing team and proud to be a part of it.”

NICK TANDY, NO. 4 MOBIL 1/SiriusXM CHEVROLET CORVETTE C8.R – FINISHED FOURTH IN GTLM: “I was passing a GTD car late and the Mazda came through to make us three-wide down the straight into the braking zone in (Turn) 10. I was in the middle and all of a sudden the Mazda decided he would try to take the racing line. He was on the inside and came straight across the track and hit the side of our car and broke the suspension. It’s a shame that the season ends like this. Unfortunately into the night toward the end, I didn’t have the pace in the car to challenge the Porsches. It’s a shame not to finish on the podium, but we have a lot to be happy for this season. We wrapped up the Endurance Cup for the No. 4 car, we won a lot of races along the way and we got Manufacturers, Drivers and Team championships. All-in-all its been a successful season even if it ended very disappointing.”

ALEXANDER SIMS, NO. 4 MOBIL 1/SiriusXM CHEVROLET CORVETTE C8.R – FINISHED FOURTH IN GTLM: “A large part of today’s race went really, really well. In the first seven hours or so, we were in the mix and showing like we were getting stronger and stronger. We had really good strategy and good pace to make the fuel economy work. We were at the front or near the front most of the time. As the temperatures got really cold, the pace dropped away from us and we couldn’t hang on to the Porsches in the final couple of hours. Unfortunately the race was lost on pace but the final contact on Nick was the final nail in the coffin. I had it happen to me in my stint where a DPi got into me. They just pass three-quarters of the way and then expect you to evaporate. It’s frustrating when we are trying to do our own thing. But I’ve loved the year. It’s been fantastic to drive the C8.R. The team has been brilliant. It feels a bit disappointing because we had a bad Sebring, a bad Le Mans and now a bad Petit Le Mans. But I’ve enjoyed every bit of it except for the results! I’m looking forward to more next year.”

We also have another press release dated Nov. 13, 2021

Chevrolet, Corvette Racing Claim Final GTLM Championships

  • 14th Manufacturers Championship for Chevrolet in IMSA competition
  • Garcia, Taylor go back-to-back as GTLM Drivers champions
  • Milner, Tandy secure second place in GTLM points
  • Corvette Racing closes GTLM era with 15th Team Championship

BRASELTON, Ga. (Nov. 13, 2021) – For the second straight season, Chevrolet and Corvette Racing captured all three full-season GT Le Mans (GTLM) titles of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. The Corvette Racing program completed a repeat sweep of the GTLM Manufacturers, Drivers and Team championships with the start of Saturday’s 10-hour Petit Le Mans at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta.

Chevrolet claimed its 14th Manufacturers title in GT racing, Antonio Garcia and Jordan Taylor went back-to-back as Drivers champions while the No. 3 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Chevrolet Corvette C8.R repeated as Team title-winners.

“Chevrolet is proud to win the 2021 Manufacturers Championship and the final for the GT Le Mans category,” said Jim Campbell, Chevrolet U.S Vice President, Performance and Motorsports. “The mid-engine Corvette C8.R is building a strong legacy thanks to the ‘One Team’ approach of the Corvette race team, our powertrain engineers, and Corvette production engineers and designers. We are excited to continue the development of the C8.R onward in 2022.

“Congratulations also to Antonio Garcia, Jordan Taylor and everyone on the No. 3 Corvette C8.R team,” Campbell added. “This was a challenging season in many aspects but the competitive spirit within the two Corvette C8.R teams has never been stronger.”

Chevrolet and Corvette Racing won seven times in IMSA entering Petit Le Mans including 1-2 finishes in the Rolex 24 At Daytona and the three most recent rounds of the championship. Corvette Racing also claimed pole position in each GTLM race heading into Petit Le Mans.

After winning five times during their 2020 championship run, Garcia and Taylor backed that up with four wins to date including the Rolex 24.

Garcia won his fifth IMSA title, tying Oliver Gavin for the most among all Corvette Racing drivers. The rapid Spaniard took pole positions at Sebring and the Watkins Glen Six Hours and was the fastest GTLM driver at Sebring.

Taylor is now a four-time IMSA champion with two in GTLM to go along with a pair of Prototype titles. The American has five pole positions to his credit this season – all consecutively from the Watkins Glen Six Hours to Long Beach.

No. 4 Corvette C8.R teammates Tommy Milner and Nick Tandy wrapped up second in GTLM points with the start of today’s race. They also were contributors in the Manufacturers Championship with three victories and two pole positions.

CORVETTE RACING AT PETIT LE MANS: Garcia Sets Corvette Pace in Qualifying

C8.Rs to start third, fifth in GT Le Mans category finale

BRASELTON, Ga. (Nov. 12, 2021) – Corvette Racing will line up on the second and third rows of the GT Le Mans (GTLM) category grid Saturday for the 10-hour of Petit Le Mans and the final race of this year’s IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship as well as the GTLM category.

Antonio Garcia was the quickest Corvette driver in Friday’s 15-minute GTLM qualifying in the No. 3 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Chevrolet Corvette C8.R at 1:15.930 (120.426 mph). He’ll start third in the mid-engine Corvette he shares with Jordan Taylor and Nicky Catsburg as the trio looks to end the season in the same way they began it – a victory in a blue-riband endurance race.

Garcia, Taylor and the No. 3 Corvette need only to start the race to complete a second straight sweep of the full-season GTLM Drivers and Team titles. Chevrolet will clinch its 14th IMSA GT Manufacturers Championship if either of the two Corvettes take the green flag.

Nick Tandy, in the No. 4 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Corvette C8.R, qualified fifth at 1:16.051 (120.234 mph). He’ll drive with Tommy Milner and Alexander Sims with the Tandy/Milner duo coming in on a three-race win streak in GTLM.

The 10-hour Petit Le Mans is Corvette Racing’s 250th event all-time, dating back to the 1999 Rolex 24 At Daytona. – will serve as a Corvette Racing celebration as the race’s green flag will officially bring another sweep of the GTLM Manufacturers, Drivers and Team championships to Chevrolet and Corvette Racing for the second year in a row.

In addition to the full-season GTLM titles, Corvette Racing and Chevrolet also lead the IMSA Michelin Endurance Cup standings in the Manufacturers, Drivers and Team categories. Points are awarded at the four-, eight- and 10-hour marks. The two Corvettes and their drivers are 1-2 in the standings while Chevy leads the Manufacturers race by two points.

Corvette Racing has eight class wins at Petit Le Mans and is seeking its first win at Road Atlanta since 2010. It would be a fitting end to the GTLM era as the program has more wins (29) than any other entrant in the class since its debut in 2014.

Petit Le Mans is scheduled for 12:10 p.m. ET on Saturday from Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta. The live television broadcast begins at noon ET on NBC followed by 7.5 hours of coverage on NBCSN from 3 to 10:30 pm. ET. The full race will stream on TrackPass and NBC Sports Gold. Live IMSA Radio coverage will air on XM 202, SiriusXM Online 992 and, which also will host live timing and scoring.

ANTONIO GARCIA, NO. 3 MOBIL 1/SiriusXM CHEVROLET CORVETTE C8.R – QUALIFIED THIRD IN GTLM: “That was interesting – a minute-15 lap with 21 cars! To have 20-plus cars on this track was pretty stressful. Everyone wants to find a gap. It’s difficult to gauge how much faster we are than the GTDs, so I probably lost three-quarters of a session trying to find a gap until everyone started setting lap times and pulling into the pits. Those were really my first two laps that I could do. The car was still coming in. I didn’t nail the lap. It wasn’t a clean qualifying for me, for sure. I gave everything I could to get a decent lap. Tomorrow will be way cooler with a very long race and a lot of cars out there plus five hours of dark. Today was challenging and tomorrow will be even more.”

NICK TANDY, NO. 4 MOBIL 1/SiriusXM CHEVROLET CORVETTE C8.R – QUALFIED FIFTH IN GTLM: “It was a bit of a frustrating session. It was difficult to find space on track. You would do one lap. catch traffic, back off and the tires would cool. You’d try to go again so it was difficult to get a rhythm and the tires to work consistently. I’m sure we weren’t the only ones to have this. In the end, we kind of missed the potential of the car. Congratulations to the 24. It was a good run for them. Of course this isn’t a 100-minute race; it’s a 10-hour race. This isn’t the end of the world.”

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