July 2018 Issue Preview Vette Vues Magazine

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Vette Vues Magazine July 2018 Cover
Vette Vues Magazine July 2018 Cover
Vette Vues Magazine July 2018 Articles
Vette Vues Magazine July 2018 Articles

In the July 2018 issue of Vette Vues Magazine we have coverage of the Corvettes at the 2018 Amelia Island Concours, and the Sunshine Corvette Club of Miami’s Spring Meet.   Wayne Ellwood continues his series on the History of Body Kits and covers the C4 Corvette Era.  Scott Teeters series of Corvette Factory Show Cars shares the history of the 1969 Manta-Ray Corvette.  Dieline Motorsport ZR1 is not only our cover car, but we learn about this incredible Corvette along with the Superformance Grand Sport.  We learn about the new 2019 Corvette new colors and the chance to be driven in a new 2019 ZR1 at the Bloomington Gold show coming up.  Are you having ignition wire trouble?  Check out Wayne Scraba’s tech article.  Lots more in this jam-packed issue!


4…Corvettes at the 2018 Amelia Island Concours

26…Sunshine Corvette Club of Miami 32nd Spring meet

30…The History of Body Kits (Part 3): The C4 Era

50…Corvette Factory Show Cars (Part 7): 1969 Manta Ray

59…Dieline Motorsport ZR1 “Street”

74…Superformance Grand Sport

98…Twofold Protection: Even the Best Ignition Wires Can Sometimes Use Help

102…2019 Corvette ZR-1 Sets Production Car Lap Record

104…Corvette Racing at Long Beach

106…Advanced Software Design Technology Leads Next Generation of Vehicle Lightweighting

107…Order Coffee, Pay for Gas, and More With Your Car

109…2019 ZR1’s to be Driven in Bloomington Gold’s Goldspeed

126…2019 Corvette Receives Two New Colors

88…Toy Vues

92…Model Scene

110…Rear Vues: MVP Award Ads (Part 1)

116…Business Card File

116…Corvette Calendar of Events

120…Corvette Literature, Models, & Miscellaneous for Sale and Wanted

121…Corvette Parts for Sale and Wanted

124…Corvettes for Sale and Wanted

128…Corvette Advertisers Index

Our cover car: Amongst the many variants on the ZR1, this street car built by Jay Groendyke of Dieline Corp may stand out as one of the best-performing street cars. That’s because Jay built the car in-house with the specific goal of bringing track-level performance to the street. Photo Credits: Daniel McGuffee.

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