Available Now: Corvette Legend Or Myth & Zora’s Marque of Excellence

Corvette Legend or Myth & Zora’s Marque of Excellence Volume I
– The “Real Story” of the 1953 Corvette & Zora’s Passion

By Kenneth W. Kayser

Learn the real behind the scene story at Chevrolet Motor Division documented by Zora’s files and those of Chevrolet executives Ed Cole, Maurice Olley, William Wolfram, and many others.

The Corvette Museum is passively delinquent, attributing recognition of Corvette Founders; Harlow H. Curtice, John Dolza, and William Wolfram. Without their perseverance, there would be no Corvette and no museum… Harley Earl, Ed Cole, and Zora Arkus-Duntov would all be deeply upset with the Corvette Museum’s continued oversight.

Discover Chevrolet’s first two secret experimental Opel/Corvettes built in 1952 and early 1953.

Discover how Chevrolet pulled off its “staged” June 30, 1953, Corvette production without any real production Corvettes ever built!

The General Motors Institute 1953 Corvette Legend is finally proven TRUE! The two 1953 Corvettes used at the staged June 30th, 1953 event were “built” at Plant #35 in Flint and not at the Flint Van Slyke Road Plant! Discover how and why!

How did Zora Arkus-Duntov really arrive at Chevrolet Research and Development? What role did US-SAC General Curtice LeMay play in Zora’s hiring? How did Zora keep his job at Chevrolet and drive European cars at three Le Mans races from 1953-55?

Discover Zora’s back-channel communications with Ed Cole and their undisclosed secret projects; Zora’s first mid-engine 1953 Corvette and his V-8 HEMI Cylinder Heads before the V-8 engine even went into production in mid-1954!

Discover Zora’s 1955 “Super” Corvette secret proposal to Ed Cole with V-8 engine technology that eventually evolved into his legendary Corvette L88 Big Block V-8

Discover the remarkable histories of the 1938 Chevrolet Tonawanda Motor Plant, the 1953 Chevrolet Flint Van Slyke Corvette Assembly Plant, the 1954 St. Louis Corvette Assembly Plant and the 1955 Chevrolet Flint V-8 Engine Plant and their combined role during the 1953-55 Corvette program.

Discover 1952-53 eyewitness accounts of Bill Beyer, Bob Wilson, Joe Bentosky, George McGriff, and Carl Jarema that forever “correct” the real Corvette history and timeline.

Volume I is just the first of five Volumes chronicling Zora’s Corvette career at Chevrolet from 1953-1975 and will reveal his truly outstanding accomplishments, many which have never been disclosed until now!

Do you know what the Opel Sports Car was named before it was changed to the Corvette?

Do you know that Rochester Fuel Injection was an official project for the 1953 Corvette inline-six engine?

Do you why the Corvette body was Fiberglass and how the US Government played a role in GM’s decision?

Do you know the role that WWII and the US Department of Defense played in the ultimate 1950s success of General Motors, Chevrolet Division, and the Corvette?

Discover Harlow Curtice’s successful Billion dollar GM-Chevrolet Gamble and Ed Cole’s Million dollar Corvette Gamble to save the 1953 Corvette from certain demise before it even reached the starting gate.

Chevrolet’s Corvette miss-information was deliberate and purposeful.

The Corvette’s “Real Story” is mind-boggling and far more intriguing than its fanciful tales!

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