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Highlighting Nick Mutton’s 1991 Widebody Custom Corvette, this cover image captures the essence of May 2024’s Vette Vues Magazine issue.

Vette Vues Magazine May 2024 Issue: Volume 52, Issue Number 10, #630

Welcome to your exclusive sneak peek at the May 2024 issue of Vette Vues Magazine, where we celebrate the elegance and power of Corvettes through captivating stories and insights. This issue is packed with articles that any Corvette enthusiast will not want to miss. Here’s what’s inside:

Nick Mutton’s 1991 Widebody Custom Corvette(Page 6)

Our cover story features the awe-inspiring 1991 widebody custom Corvette by Nick Mutton. This piece delves into the intricate details of automotive customization and the passion behind transforming a classic Corvette into a modern masterpiece.

Nick Mutton's 1991 Widebody Custom Corvette

Brent DeMarco’s Love Affair with a 1964 Corvette: A Restoration Journey (Page 15)

Follow Brent DeMarco’s touching journey as he restores a beloved 1964 Corvette. This article offers a personal look at the challenges and triumphs of car restoration.

Brent DeMarco's 1964 Corvette Restoration

Five Corvette Racers at the 1956 12 Hours of Sebring (Page 18)

Relive the glory and challenges faced by the five Corvette racers during the historic 1956 12 Hours of Sebring. A nostalgic recount that highlights the enduring spirit of Corvette racing.

Five Corvette Racers from 1956 12-Hours Sebring

Legacy Unveiled: The NCRS Gallery XXII at Corvettes at Carlisle 2023 (Page 28)

Take a closer look at the NCRS Gallery XXII, showcased at Corvettes at Carlisle 2023. This piece provides an insider’s view into the exhibition and the featured models.

NCRS Gallery XXII, showcased at Corvettes at Carlisle 2023

Ed N. Cole – From Michigan Boy to Cover of Time Magazine (Page 46)

Explore the fascinating life of Ed N. Cole, whose innovations shaped automotive history, culminating in his appearance on the cover of Time Magazine.

Explore the fascinating life of Ed N. Cole

Bill Tower’s 2024 Sebring Corvette Racing Seminar: Part 1 (Page 52)

Gain expert insights from Bill Tower’s racing seminar, highlighting key lessons and strategies from racing legend Ron Fellows.

Bill Tower's 2024 Sebring Corvette Racing Seminar

Keepin’ Track of Corvette Racing (Page 65)

This comprehensive section covers recent developments in Corvette racing, including:

  • How a TF Sport Corvette dramatically changed fortunes at the WEC opening in Qatar.
  • New trends in Corvette racing observed at the 2024 SVRA opener at Sebring.
  • A dramatic account of the #3 Corvette’s exit at the Sebring 12 Hour Race.
  • Richard Forsythe’s victory in the Trans Am SGT Class at Road Atlanta.
Keepin' Track of Corvette Racing

Additional Sections

  • Events (Page 75): Your guide to upcoming Corvette-related events.
  • Model Scene (Page 76): A showcase of the latest and greatest in Corvette models.
  • Marketplace (Pages 88, 90, 92): Whether you’re looking to buy or sell Corvettes, parts, or memorabilia, our listings connect you to the community.
  • Advertisers Index (Page 96): An index of all the advertisers who make this publication possible.

Each section of this issue is designed to enrich your appreciation and understanding of Corvettes, whether you’re a long-time collector or a new enthusiast. Be sure to grab your copy and join us in celebrating another month of outstanding Corvette culture!

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