Classified Ads


Subscribers can place your Classified Ad now online. These will appear in Vette Vues Magazine print edition and online. (Non-subscribers are $.50 a word and you need to call the office to place these)

Paid for Classifieds can be placed here:
55 words (25 free) are $7.50
85 words (25 free) are $15.00

For your free 25 word ad please email your name and address and your 25-word ad to


Please enter you account number if you have it


Choosing the right category will help buyers find your part.
Describe your item in as much detail as possible. Try to answer the questions buyers will have. Explain the condition and source of the part. Don't forget to include your contact information.
Linking Policy: Linking to another store or marketplace is not allowed. Links to product information are allowed.

Subscribers receive a free 25-word ad each month.  Classified ads are $7.50 for each additional 30 words in both print and online.

  • Online ads will appear within a couple of days from when you order them.
  • Print ads come out around the 15th of each month.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for your ad to appear in print.  Sorry,  no copies can be mailed except to subscribers.

If you only have the 25-word ad you can email your name and address along with the ad to

Subscribers can place paid for classified ads here (Non-subscribers are $.50 a word and you need to call the office to place these)

  • $7.50 and you get 55 words
  • $15.00 and you get 85 words

This can be done here and you can pay with a credit card.  You can type the ad in the box provided.  You can also call the office with a credit card and it can be done over the phone at 386-775-2512.

Do you want to mail your ad in and send a check?

If you are going to mail in your classified ad, the cutoff date is the 15th of each month for the next available issue.  There is no billing for classifieds. All ads must be accompanied by full payment. Check or money order in U.S. funds only.  Vette Vues also accepts major credit cards and PayPal. Please do not send cash.  All classifieds are charged by the word, and any set of numbers is counted as one word.  Classified ads are $.25 each.

Our mailing address is:
Vette Vues Magazine
P.O. Box 511874
Punta Gorda, FL 33951

Need Help?

For questions, please e-mail us at or contact classified customer service at 386-775-2512.

Classified Ads

55 words (25 free) are $7.50, 85 words (25 free) are $15.00

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