Color Corvette For Sale Ads


Color Corvette For Sale Ads


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Take advantage of Vette Vues Magazine’s special offer and order a display advertisement for your Corvette for Sale! Single ads begin at only $29.95 a month, while double ads are only $55 a month – both available in print and online. You get 30 words with the single ad and 60 words with the double.

Vette Vues Magazine offers Color Corvette for Sale classified ads each month in both print and online.

  • Online and Print are $29.95 (runs one month in Vette Vues Magazine)
  • Online and Double Size Print ads are $55.00 (runs one month in Vette Vues Magazine)

The color-printed ads are in the front section of the magazine.  The Single ad comes with one photo, and the double ad comes with two photos.  The online ad is 30 words.

Do you want to mail your ad in?

If you are going to mail in your classified ad, the cutoff date is the 15th of each month for the next available issue.  There is no billing for classifieds. All ads must be accompanied by full payment. Check or money order in U.S. funds only.  Vette Vues also accepts major credit cards and Paypal. Please do not send cash.  Photos can not be returned.

Our mailing address is:
Vette Vues Magazine
P.O. Box 511874
Punta Gorda, FL 33951

Need Help?

For questions, please e-mail us at or contact classified customer service 386-775-2512.

Color Corvette for Sale Ad

Online Only, Color Print Ad, Double Size Color Print Ad

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