Corvette Black Book 70 Year Legacy Edition (1953-2023)

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Corvette Black Book 70 Year Legacy Edition (1953-2023)


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Discover the pinnacle of Corvette’s legacy with the Corvette Black Book 70 Year Legacy Edition. Packed with the latest insights, including the 2023 Corvette Z06 details and 70th Anniversary Edition highlights, this edition is a must-have for every enthusiast. With 176 pages of facts, photos, and updated VIN and production data, it’s the ultimate guide to America’s most iconic sports car. Order now to celebrate the enduring spirit of Corvette.

Dive into the heart of American automotive history with the Corvette Black Book 70 Year Legacy Edition 1953-2023. This edition is a treasure trove of knowledge, meticulously updated to include the very latest from the Corvette lineage. From the sleek lines of the first 1953 model to the groundbreaking 2023 Corvette Z06, this book captures the essence of innovation and excellence that Corvette stands for.

What’s Inside:

  • Detailed 2023 Updates: Exclusive insights into the Corvette Z06, featuring the LT6 engine – the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 in production history.
  • Anniversary Edition Highlights: A special focus on the Corvette’s 70th Anniversary Editions, available in White Pearl or Carbon Flash, with a luxurious Ceramic White interior.
  • Comprehensive VIN and Production Data: For the collector who values precision, this edition includes updated VIN data and production numbers, ensuring you have the most accurate information at your fingertips.
  • Rich Legacy: With updates to 18 pages, this book not only honors the past but also embraces the future of Corvette, making it the perfect addition to any enthusiast’s collection.

At 176 pages, packed with 69 black and white photos and countless facts, options, and codes, this pocket-sized guide is the epitome of Corvette expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a new fan, the Corvette Black Book 70 Year Legacy Edition is your gateway to the world of Corvette.


  • 176 pages
  • Softbound, 4.375” x 10” vertical
  • 69 black and white photos
  • Comprehensive details on exterior and interior colors, production quantities, and original “window sticker” prices

Price: $29.95 (includes free shipping within the United States)

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