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Place a Non Subscriber Classified Ads


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Reach thousands of potential buyers with a Non Subscriber Classified Ads – print and online. Easily reach your target audience by advertising your Corvettes, parts, and literature for just 75 cents per word.

Non-subscribers are able to post Corvette-related classifieds here at a rate of 75 cents per word per month. These advertisements are published both in the printed version and on the web, valid for a period of one month. A range of package deals are also available; 25 words for $18.75, 50 words for $37.50, 75 words for $56.25, and 100 words for $75.00. We offer three categories for the ads: Corvettes for Sale/Wanted, Parts for Sale/Wanted, and Literature/Miscellaneous for Sale/Wanted.

Place a Non-Subscriber Classified Ad with us today!

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Maximize your reach and advertise your Corvettes, parts, and more with a Non-Subscriber Classified Ad. 75 cents per word gives you the perfect opportunity to get in front of thousands of potential buyers, both online and in print. Don’t wait, get started today!

  • Online ads will appear within a couple of days from when you order them.
  • Print ads come out around the 15th of each month.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for your ad to appear in print.  Sorry,  no copies can be mailed except to subscribers.

We have several packages you can pick from:

  • 25 words $18.75
  • 50 words $37.50
  • 75 words 56.25
  • 100 words $75.00

We have three areas you can advertise:

  • Corvettes for Sale and Wanted
  • Corvette Parts for Sale and Wanted
  • Literature and Miscellaneous for Sale and Wanted

This can be done here, and you can pay with a credit card.  You can type the ad in the box provided.  You can also call or mail your ad and a check to Vette Vues Magazine, PO Box 511874, Punta Gorda, FL 33951

Need Help? For questions, please e-mail us at or contact classified customer service at 386-775-2512.

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Get your Corvettes, parts, literature, and more seen by thousands! With our Non Subscriber Classified Ads, you can reach potential buyers through both print and online for just 75 cents per word. Reach your target audience - advertise with us today!Place a Non Subscriber Classified Ads
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