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Vette Vues Magazine August 2020 Issue


Order back issues of the Vette Vues Magazine August 2020 Issue #588 Volume 49, Issue Number 1. $6.00 for one issue in the US.  All prices include Free United States shipping

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Vette Vues Magazine August 2020 Issue

The Corvette Enthusiast’s Magazine since 1972

#588 Volume 49, Number 1

1 Issue $6 with free US Shipping.  Discounts for volume ordering.

Look inside our Corvette magazine and see what our subscribers are enjoying this month.

6…42nd Corvette Chevy Expo

31…Rick Weignad’s C1/C4 1954 Corvette Restomod

37…1966 Corvette; the Last of the C4s

44…A Tale to Lift our Spirits – Part 2 of 3

49…1974 Twin-Turbo Widebody Custom – A Rare History

56…Between a Rock and a Hard Place

61…Rear Vues: 1956-Part IV

62…Reader’s Story: Not for Sale!

68…Corvette legends or Myth: 2020 Corvette Continues

73…Eagleray the Ice Cream Car

76…Model Scene

81…Degree of Difficulty

86…Business Card File

87…Literature, Models, and Miscellaneous for Sale & Wanted

88…Corvette Parts for Sale

93…Corvettes for Sale and Wanted

96…Corvette Advertisers Index and Contact Information

Vette Vues Magazine August 2020 Cover Car: Our cover Corvette is owned by Art Dorsett, owner of Van Steel Corvette. Art’s 1980 Corvette is on display at the Corvette Chevy Expo on Galveston Island, Texas. This Corvette is the Van Steel Research and Development Vette and has the Van Steel front and rear coilovers, Borgeson steering box, and cast-iron differential conversion. Art did the bodywork. It is sitting on 295 Rear Tires.


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