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Vette Vues Magazine, December  2021 Issue, Volume 50, Issue Number 5, #601

5…Countdown to 50

8…2023 Corvette ZO6 Elevates the American Supercar

26…Corvettes at Carlisle – A Very Busy Weekend – Part 1

40…A Web-Based Review of C8 Body Kits – Part 2

51…A 1957 Factory Airbox Story That’s Not Full of Hot Air

57…A Can of Worms: A Look Inside Several Oil Filters

62…Corvette Legend or Myth – Episode XXXI

74…Model Scene

81…Business Card File

82…Corvette Events

83…Literature, Models, & Misc. for Sale & Wanted

85…Corvette Parts for Sale

90…Corvettes for Sale & Wanted


96…Advertisers Index

Cover Car: The Streets Will Never Sounds the Same. We have the latest news and preliminary specifications on the All-New 2023 Corvette Z06. Its 670 horsepower makes it the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 in production. The first mid-engine Corvette Z06 will begin production in the summer of 2022 and go on sale after that as a 2023 model.


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  • 1 Issue $6.95
  • 10 Issues  $47.35
  • 25 Issues $87.80
  • 50 Issues #137.80

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Canada $10.45 per issue
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