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Vette Vues Magazine June 2021 Back Issue


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June 2021 Vette Vues Magazine, Volume 49, Issue Number 11, #595

6…Supernatural 1996 Corvette

14…A Hot Wheels “Bad Boy”

22…Corvettes Brought Back to Life: 1960 Briggs Cunningham LeMans Class Winner

31…Jill Jahn’s 1959 Crown Sapphire Corvette

42…Corvette Legend or Myth – Episode XXVIII

50…Third in a Series Celebrating Race Cars from the days of Fitch to Fehan

58…An Interview with Allen Grant and his Racing Experience in the Cheetah

66…Tyler Townsley 1944-2021

66…Grand Sport Legend John Heinricy and VIN #0001 1996 Corvette will make a Special Appearance at Corvettes at   Carlisle 2021

69…Totally Tubular: When it Comes to Exhaust it’s the Little Things that Count

76…Model Scene

83…Rear Vues: 1965 – Part I


84…Business Card File

85…Literature, Models, & Miscellaneous for Sale & Wanted

86…Corvette Parts for Sale

92…Corvettes for Sale & Wanted

96…Advertisers Index

Cover Car: Frank restored and made his 1969 Corvette into a Retro-Racer in the spirit of the 1968 Sunray DX and Owens Corning Cars. The 3.08 rear gears combined with an almost 500 hp 427 makes Frank’s Supernatural Corvette fun to drive and gives it long legs for highway cruising.

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