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Vette Vues Magazine June 2022


Are you a Corvette fan and need your fix? In this issue of Vette Vues Magazine, you will find great articles, great photos, and some news about the electric Corvette. Don’t miss out on our feature this month that focuses on the development of the L88 engine, which propelled Roger Penske Racing to fame. Also, we have BBV Customs – Corvette called the Manta and Charlene Wood’s Custom 2021 Stingray which is also on the cover for this month! Don’t forget to subscribe and start getting Vette Vues every month.

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#607 Volume 50, Issue Number 11. $6.95 for one issue in the US.  All prices include Free United States shipping

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  • 10 Issues  $47.35
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Vette Vues Magazine, June 2022 Issue, Volume 50, Issue Number 11, #607

5…Countdown to 50

8…Charlene Wood’s Custom 2021 Stingray

18…1965 Corvette Stingray Stunner

27…1966 Development L88, The Corvette that Rocketed Roger Penske Racing to Fame

37…2022 Detroit Autorama

57…Bolt Stretch! The Right Tools for Measuring Rod Bolt Stretch

61…BBV Customs – 2014 Manta

69…Classic Corvette Corner: Submissions from the Web

70…Rear Vues: 1989 Part III

71…Are you ready for an Electric Corvette?

72…Keepin’ Track of Corvette Racing

A.) C7 GT3R Corvette turns heads at St Pete

B.) Defeat Snatched from the Jaws of Victory at Long Beach

C.) C7 GT3-R Finishes 4th but Catches Eyeballs at Sears Point Sonoma Raceway

76…Model Scene

83…Business Card File

84…Corvette Events

86…Literature, Models, & Miscellaneous for Sale & Wanted

88 …Corvette Parts for Sale

92…Corvettes for Sale & Wanted

96…Advertisers Index

Cover Car: Charlene Wood’s beautiful mild-custom white 2021 convertible with Lambo door, ground effects, painted white wheel barrels, and many feminine details. Check out her story on page 8. Photo Credits K. Scott Teeters

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United States Prices:

  • 1 Issue $6.95
  • 10 Issues  $47.35
  • 25 Issues $87.80
  • 50 Issues $137.80

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Canada $10.45 per issue
Foreign $13.29 per issue

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